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Capitalism VS. Communism

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Started: 2/23/2014 Category: Economics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The economic ideology of Capitalism and Communism are distinct from one another that it can never be joined.Out of the two ideologies,I believe that Capitalism has the superiority and has far more advantages over Communism due to the generated economic growth it has on its nations. Such as by means of production,communist nation such as North Korea, the society(government)as a whole has the ownership to its resources,meaning the nation does not have the capacity for individual growth that does not generate economic growth.Where else in capitalist nation such as United States, an individual has the rights to a private ownership to its resources,therefore has the capacity for individual growth that generates the nation to its economic growth.


P1: Communism has the superiority and far more advantages than Capitalism.

P2: According to on Benefits of Communism, people are treated equal no matter what there occupation, or type of higher education that they have gained.

P3: on Benefits of communism also states that every citizen in a communist regime, can keep a job.

P4: In Capitalism, everyone is treated differently by class and there are many who lose their jobs due to various reasons such as competition.

P5: In Communism, there is no competition. This means that there is less of a daily struggle between people in society for jobs and raises, as all are equal.
Debate Round No. 1


There is no progress without competition.Without competition,nations stagnate with no opportunities and growth.And to be equal without competition exist as an ideology but not in actuality.It can never be achieved due to the fundamental reason of survival of the fittest,where there will always be discrepancy,the strong and the weak.If equality was achieved then there wouldn't be any struggles or problems among people,it would be a nation of utopia.However,there is no utopia and that being said,communism holds the idea of equality yet can not practice it.Nations like North Korea where the government holds authority with more power and control over citizens and it's resources,already shows disparity and stagnant conditions the nation is in.


P1: There is progress without competition.

P2: Because of capitalism, most companies manufacture their products outside of the U.S for cheap labor rather than paying workers here in the states.

P3: According to Louis Ryan from, Ryan states, " in a society where resources are not distributed, there is always going to be wealthy who have an excess of resources".

P4: That excess of resources could have been used for the poor who neither have shelter nor food.

P5: Louis Ryan from listverse goes on to say that other disadvantages of Capitalism is that, people in a capitalistic society become anti-social, and cut safety and health restrictions to save money.
Debate Round No. 2


Companies' Outsource manufacturing for the right reasons as well. It gives companies to be able to focus and prioritize on the important activities rather than the back office operations that consumes resources at the expense of the core activities.By outsourcing ,the companies can use the expense on the foremost urgent tasks rather than the secondary .Another reason for outsources is to hire staff members outside their internal staff that possess knowledge and skills the internal staff may not possess.By doing that it also gives job opportunities for the people outside the companies to polish their skills and to earn income depending on the level of skills and education they possess.


P1: The wrong reasons for outsource manufacturing outweighs the right reasons.

P2: The system of Capitalism is not a "perfect image" as it has been portrayed.

P3: For instance, in Michael Moore's film, " Capitalism: A Love Story", it shows all the problems of Capitalism.

P4: In the film, it shows how Walmart have insurance against losses when a worker in the company dies.

P5: The Capitalism Ideology although it is a free market for everyone, it is difficult because of widely used practices of monopoly, and monopsony in Capitalism.

P6: In Capitalism, there is little rules at all because there is no government action to stop companies from the practices.

P7: For these reasons, i believe communism has the superiority over capitalism
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: This argument was, thankfully for the con, a theory debate. Since communism was never implemented in real life, only the theory of how communism should work could be observed in this debate. Theoretically, communism is much much better than capitalism in terms of societal benefits and economic security. Con used trustworthy sources backing up the mals of capitalism, while pro used only one source that I personally found of questionable value.

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