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Capitalism is Superior to Socialism

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Started: 5/6/2017 Category: Politics
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I will be arguing for Capitalism, defined by as "an economic system that encourages individuals and all segments of society to profit from the ownership of processes that create goods and services or from investments in activities or services created by others," and against Capitalism's opposite, Socialism.



Just as the Supreme Court is allowed to go beyond Guilty and Innocent and question the validity of the law in question itself, I challenge the common assumption that Socialism is any kind of alternative to Capitalism. Both amount to absentee ownership, just like feudal landlords hand. If you own a man's work, you own that man, whether you be the government or a stockholder. So this loaded question should be disarmed by proposing equal ownership by all employees and no one else, with unequal salaries. Finance will be by bank loans, not equity. Knowing that their dividends depend on getting the best people in the most important positions, employee-owners will not vote for too high salaries for their own little group.

Socialism is a fraud; it has always been a way for the sons of Capitalists to take over democratic movements and turn them into oligarchic tyranny. So from that perspective, Capitalism is better, just like being chronically sick is better than having a fatal disease.

Besides sole ownership by employees, inheritance and all other birth privileges must be abolished, since that is the source of the misleading and dishonest alternative of Socialism.
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