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Capitalism is better than Socialism.

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Started: 9/17/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Capitalism is better than socialism in many ways, first of all, it helps people out of poverty and increases minimum wage. People pay for themselves and not waste money on someone getting braces on the other side of the country, and like I said socialism is just paying for other peoples problems. Socialists might say "Oh, but were paying for education and healthcare, which will help children to learn." But the parents should pay for his or her child's education, not some 60 year old man who is playing bingo and is in retirement. It doesn't make sense. Everyone should pay for their own problems, not other people. Plus, socialism is destroying the economy piece by piece because apparently everything is free and they should pay less for their dumb mistakes and make other people pays for your problems. And if Socialists are okay with that? Then I dont know what else to say. Its like if the government forces you to buy milk for another person that your never going to use and you will never meet the person. And its nice when you hurt yourself and you dont have to pay for it, but for other people, its just a random stranger that you probably will never meet. Capitalists pay for their own problems, it will help them to learn from their mistakes. Capitalism helps with job opportunities, therefore helping poor people get jobs and then helping the economy, its a cycle. Nothing destroys poverty more than the economy. Due to capitalism and the growth of companies, it has lowered prices and given poor people a chance to buy food and other survival supplies. Maybe some poor person on the street gets like 10 dollars in a full day of begging on the street. Due to capitalism, they could afford probably 2 water bottles and bread, and maybe a bag of oranges. Now that person can continue with live and on a very lucky day he could maybe afford a jacket or a pair of clothes. His live has gotten way better due to capitalism. Now that hes gotten some clothes, water, and food, he can get a job and it changes his life. All thanks to capitalism. That is my turn, let me hear yours!
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Posted by DrCereal 3 years ago
What do you think socialism is?
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