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Capitalism vs Socialistic Democracy

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Started: 9/17/2016 Category: Economics
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Parameters and Precepts:

    • Round 1-Acceptance

    • Round 2-Cases

    • Round 3-Rebuttals

    • Round 4-Defense

    • No kritiks

    • Forming a new argument in the last round is unacceptable


Capitalism-an economic and political system in which a country's trade and industry are controlled by private owners for profit, rather than by the state. There will be a tolerance for regulations in the version of capitalism that I am defending. This version of capitalism will also concede to the requirment of universal college. People should be capable of recieving education in order to live in a stable capitalistic society. The version of Capitalism that I am defending can be compared to the policies implemented during the Nixon administration and Reagan administration.

Social Democracy-a socialist system of government achieved by democratic means.

This debate will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of both system. Pro will be definding the advantages gained by a social democracy(Switzerland, Sweden, Denmark, Canada), and disproving the advantages of capitalism provided by Con.



I believe that there is a fine line between miami and hawaii
Ill just let that sink in
Debate Round No. 1


Bernie Sander's socialist policies are too idealistic for America. I will adress specifically why his policies are too idealistic, and how they will in fact harm America if implemented. I will also argue the benefits of capitalism, and how the benefits of Capitalism would outweigh the benefits of Socialism.

I believe that Capitalism is the most efficient economic system when it comes to innovation and progress. I will give examples below:
Apple has had a significant impact on the world. Apple rose in to prominence in the 1980s with their revolutionary Macintosh. Here is why Capitalism helped Apple to rise:

  1. Capitalism is based on what the consumer demands. The ultimate people that benefit are the consumers
  2. Tax cuts helped Apple grow, and become a large corporation
  3. Global influence not only helps Apple, but America

Apple came out with the GUI(Graphical User Interface) which made it easy for people to use computers.Small businesses enjoyed tax cuts in the Reagon years. This helped create a system where small businesses could rise. Apple had to compete with IBM and Microsoft(small business at the time) in order to survive in the market.Apple's income and influencebenefits AmericaApple would not create as much if it did not have market competition. When they introduced their GUI; Microsoft introduced Windows in order to not lose costumers. This competition created intense rivalry between both businesses, and were instrumental in forming the new digital age. Creating something good for the costumer is essential in order for true capitalism to work. The business that creates the best product gets the most money, beceaue the costumers like the particular product.

Small businesses also enjoyed tax cuts, and low minimum wages which made it easier to manage a business. Reagon had introduced cut taxes by a lot, and had lowered the minimum wage. This enabled businesses to grow into large corporations.

Apple had intense rivalry with Microsoft which created good competition. Apple introduced the Macintosh in 1984 which revolutionized the way computers work. Apple introduced the GUI which made it easier for normal people to use computers. Microsoft fought back by creating Windows. This is a good example of competitive Capitalism that ultimately benefits the people. The people now had two operating systems that they could chose. Eventually Microsoft would win the rivalry, but Apple would make a comeback with their IPod years later.
The more profit the company makes; the more tax revenue the government will take. The government can use this money to fund public schools, reaserch, and the military. Also, Apple's influence globally helps America. In 2011, there were 20 million IPhones, 9 million IPads, and 7 million IPods. Apple is worth currently 700 billion dollars.

Microsoft also had a significant impact on America. Microsoft helped make buisnesses more efficient. Here are the reasons why Microsoft is another successful example of Capitalism working:
  1. Microsoft's innovations in the market which helped many people
  2. Bill Gates taking that wealth, and helping people.
  3. Microsoft's global influence also helps America.

Microsoft similar to Apple helped make Computers easy to use. Windows made work more efficient and easy. Microsoft also rose to prominence in the 80s during the Reagon years. It made it easier for Microsoft to create products which helped people.

The Bill and Mellinda Gates foundation is planning to give away 60 billion dollars. He gives over 5 million dollars away to charity every single day. Many billionares have done this once they become extremely wealthy. Rockefeller, Carnegie, Vanderbelt all gave away money to charity. One could argue that it is because of selfish reasons, but they are still doing a lot of good.

Microsoft's global influence also helps America keep its global power. Microsoft announced that there are globally 400 million active users of windows. The corporation has also amounted to over 1 billion dollars.

Video Games:

Video Games are also another perfect example of Capitalism creating competition. This industry not only entertains an abundant amount of people, but it also has risen a lot of people out of lower classes. Here are the reasons why the video game industry represents Capitalism in an effective way:

  1. Video Game companies compete for consumers
  2. They change accordingly to what the consumer wants
  3. They create new technologies while doing it.

There are 183 million people that play video games. Video Game companies have to compete for these people. Grand Theft Auto and Elder Scrolls/Fallout are franchises that compete for the consumer. They make technological achievements while creating these video games. Rockstar Games announced that GTA 6 will cover all of America.

Gaming also changes quickly. From mario, to open world games, companies need to keep up with what the consumer wants. Star Wars Battlefront and Destiny are examples of games that ripped off costumers by selling an incomplete game. The gamers reacted quickly on the internet which makes for a more engaging free market.

Technological achievments also can be noted the industry. Video game companies had to transition from 2D graphics to 3D graphics. Capitalism has enabled companies to do things like this. The transition has also helped movies create better CGI in movies. All of this creates a better world for the consumer which is us.

C2-Capitalism co-exists with American power

America is the number one superpower, and is the leader of the western world. America already collects wealth from corporate wealth, and is able to fund the military, and social services. Bernie Sander's policies would deter America's power. Here is why American power is important:

  1. America is the leader of the western world which means that we take care of global problems
  2. Russian agressian would be greater if America did not exist.
  3. Capitalism not only supports America's power, but is it's fuel

America is a global superpower that has to take care of a lot of problems. If America looses influence, researchers have indicated from empirical evidence that there would be a dangerous power vaccum with China taking charge. This would mean that China would have a stronger influence which will effect how other countries govern. America advocates for Capitalism and Democracy, while China will reward authoritarianism. I would not want to live in this world.

Russia's agression into Crimea would be more frightning if America did not exist. If Russia tried to move into Europe, America would quickly dispatch troops. Russia is afraid of this, and as a result will not try to conquer Europe. This is just one way the western world should thank America.

I mentioned corporations above with an abundant amount of wealth. These corporations are taxed, and that money is put into places that insure Americans a better quality of life whether it is security, or reasearch. This is empirically proven, and cannot be disputed.

Now, that I am done stating Capitalism's benefits; I will add how Socialism deters progress, and makes it harder for entrepeunars to create a business. I will create a more in-deph arguments against Socialism in the next round due to lack of characters.

C3-How hard is it to start a business in Europe:

96% of Italians say it is hard to start a business.
93% of Greeks say it is hard to start a business.
82% of Spain say it is hard to start a business.
80% of Portugal say it is hard to start a business.
66% of France say it is hard to start a business.
59% of UK say it is hard to start a business.
46% of Germany say it is hard to start a business.
46% of Finland say it is hard to start a business.

This is pathetic especially when this data is compared to America.

Benefits of Capitalism:

  1. More competition creates more progress
  2. Entertainment thrives in a Capitalistic system.
  3. Businesses work to make the consumer's life easy.
  4. It works well with America's status in the world
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by psif 5 years ago
Aresx, good points. Thanks for the input. Perhaps more specifically, yes a "Pure Democracy" in the sense of freedom to vote on any particular subject, by anyone. Although, I would have to disagree about your conjecture about "the lack of the majority's competency". This can easily be solved with education.

If only one person is deemed and denied freedom to vote, namely "incompetent", "unfit" or unworthy, then there is no sense calling it Democracy, it simply becomes "Capitalism" or "Socialism". Democracy must be foundation. Freedom is the basis. Thanks. Cheers!
Posted by Aresx 5 years ago
The way you chose to iterate your thoughts implies that you desire a pure democracy. A pure democracy should also be deemed unacceptable due to the majority's lack of competency when it comes to political subjects. The American Government bestowed Iraq with a democracy, and the religious fanatics were able to prosper from this decision. In the status quo, there are states that unilaterally oppose gay marriage legalization, and prefer economic policies that would deter the progression of the United States.
Posted by psif 5 years ago
If only it were solely "Democracy" - without the mechanisms of Capitalism or Socialism.
Preach "Capitalism" in a poor neighborhood. Examine your results.
Preach "Socialism" to lobbyists on Wall Street. Examine your results.

"What benefits the people and the citizen."
Is there anything more to discuss?
Posted by TheBenC 5 years ago
The site allows you to post a comment with whatever definition you think your comment has, even if your definition is pure crap.
Posted by Aresx 5 years ago
The website apparently did not allow for me to re-iterate the word Social Democracy for a debate.
Posted by TheBenC 5 years ago
Socialistic Democracy? WTF is that? Is that a Democracy with kids saying "pay for my school, pay for my doctor, pay for my medicine and then F you"?
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