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Captain America is better than Iron Man

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Started: 5/13/2018 Category: Entertainment
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Please read/consider the following:
You CANNOT forfeit or abandon this debate. If you have a reasonable excuse to do either, CONTACT ME ASAP- otherwise, you agree to lose this debate.

Round 1: Acceptance/ position statement
Round 2-3: Points/ rebuttals
Round 4: Final rebuttals/ closing statement (conclusion)

I believe that Captain America has shown through comic book/ movie history to be better than Iron Man, "on and off the field."


Hey, I wouldn't say Captain America is better than iron man because the captain's main weapon is his shield which was actually made by tony starks father.
Not only does Tony Stark build the first Iron Man armour in a cave, he builds the arc reactor that powers it (and all the suits that followed) in the same cave. While he may not be good at hand-to-hand combat, he knows how to build things so that he doesn't have to get dirt under his nails. And each suit of armour he builds is fully-loaded with all kinds of weaponry and defence systems.
iron man can fly
It may not seem like much, but being able to fly is a huge advantage in this fight. For the most part, all Iron Man has to do is keep a safe distance, simply stay up in the air, and fire his weapons at Captain America until he goes down.
Debate Round No. 1


Great to meet you shrey8008!

Do you have a position statement? Is "hey, I wouldn't say Captain America is better than iron man because the captain's main weapon is his shield which was actually made by Tony Starks father," your position statement? If so, I can go of of that:
-- Weapons --
Besides the standard firearms- to which Cap arguably excels in- Cap has made his Vibranium shield a powerful asset in battles. I'm not quite sure as to why it would matter WHO made it, but rather, who USES it- and Cap can use his shield well, no doubt. Because the shield is Vibranium, Cap has the ability to block vibrations, shots, etc. The shield itself is unbreakable in the comics- besides the fact that it can be damaged. Considering these two aspects of the shield, I would consider Cap to be an well-advantaged superhero that can easily survive and thrive with whatever arsenal Iron Man's suit carries and attacks with.

-- Skills --
Cap is excellent in leadership, hand to hand combat, weapon fire *for lack of better term*, and strategy/tactics.
Stark is excellent in the studies of sciences- specifically tech.

Remember: I said "on and off the field." As in- their superhero identity, AND civilian identity ( Stark/ Rogers).
For example, here is my point on how Steve Rogers is better than Stark:
- - Civilian Identity, "Off the field"--
- Origin -
Rogers- while it is rather vague in the comics and films- is evidently a normal, possibly middle-class worker. He didn't come from wealth or anything special. Before the experiment, he was a normal, "run-of-the-mill" guy that worked hard to earn a living and make his way through into the Armed Services.
Meanwhile, Stark proves to be a spoiled playboy. In the comics, we find that Stark is very gifted in technology and other sciences, yet spends his days in the strip clubs, for example. As for what he came from, Stark came from superior wealth that rivals that of Batman and Black Panther ( while never defeating.) This gives him the advantage through resources.
- Personality -
Rogers is proven through the comics and films to be a well-rounded person. In the films ( and comics), we see him never giving in or up and consistently fighting for others- despite his size before the experiment. To quote him from the film after being asked by Abraham Erskine about whether he "wants to kill Nazis": "I don't want to kill anyone. I don't like bullies; I don't care where they're from." We could easily see through this quote that Rogers has great intentions- even when given his powers through the experiment.
Stark on the other hand, is often showing selfish, crude, and cocky behaviors/attitudes- which lead him to being a controversial leader, especially in the films.
- Weaknesses -
While Marvel has never been one to provide weaknesses, it's obvious Cap has very few. Due to his ability to heal at rapid pace, he is able to withstand shots given time, for example. If he is held in crossfire, I doubt he would be shot a couple times if not any at all, due to his intense training in hand to hand combat, weapon fire, etc. He is a true super soldier.
Stark's weakness is ironically his suits- he is limited by their performance ( if they break down such as in Iron Man 3, he is pretty much screwed until he has the ability to make repairs- which would not be as possible in mid-battle. Stark is also limited by the shrapnel near his heart, which of course is the reason for the arc reactor- but once again, it is limited to it's performance in keeping the shrapnel back from piercing the heart. Stark is basically one bad circuit from fatality (before having the shrapnel removed.)

-- Superpowers --
Cap has been considered to have super stamina, endurance, speed, and accelerated healing. This makes him a fierce contestant paired with his skills- once again- in hand to hand combat, weapon fire, etc. In simple terms, he is able to easily avoid/dodge, endure in long and bloody battles, and fight off some of the strongest heroes/villains in Marvel such as when he held Thanos, deemed as one of, if not the, strongest Marvel character, back in Infinity War for a period of time. [ No spoiler.]
Meanwhile, Stark has no superpowers besides his suits- technically speaking of course. In other words, Stark is fully dependent upon his suits in any and all battles.

Another quick couple notes is how Cap has strong moral fiber/ values compared to Stark- who's values aren't always clear, especially in the films to say the least. ( But this may just be an differing opinion of mine- if you have an instance where you can show Stark's clear moral fiber/values, I would be happy to review it.)

While Stark does have brilliance in the sciences, Cap excels in combat/strategic/tactic intelligence. Cap is also a natural born leader, more-or-less, and has proven himself to be a good leader through his efforts in the War-time. Overall, it seems as though Stark is a more crude version of a less intelligent ( lacking intelligence in combat/strategic/tactical/ criminal justice areas) Batman, however, this also can be argued by fans.

In conclusion of my Round 2, I believe that through who Cap is when in battle and as a civilian, he proves to be better than Iron Man/ Stark in multiple areas such as skills ( which have been referenced but not categorized), weaknesses, etc.

Thanks for accepting the debate! Good luck, and if you have any questions feel free to shoot. Also, I notice this is your first debate, so if you need help with anything be sure to ask. Always happy to help out, even if I lose to you in this debate. ;)
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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