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Carmelo Anthony should have won the 2012-2013 MVP award over Lebron James

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Started: 1/15/2014 Category: Sports
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Lebron James won last years MVP award however I believe the Carmelo Anthony was more deserving and should have won


Good debate my opponent is bringing up as these two players have been compared to each other their entire career. I disagree completely and heres why.

Lets look at there stats for the 2012-13 season,
Carmelo Anthony 28.7 ppg 6.9 rebounds 2.6 assist 44.9 fg % 37.9 3pt% .8 steals and .05 blocks
Lebron James 26.8 ppg 8.0 rebounds 7.3 assist 56.5 fg% 40.6 3pt% 1.7 steals .09 blocks

The only category in which Carmelo is leading him is scoring and thats only because he shot the ball on avg 5 times more. And even with Carmelo taking an average of 5 more shots than Lebron, Lebron still made more shots per game than Carmelo!!
Debate Round No. 1


However while lebron might have better stats the MVP stands for most valuable player and melo is more valuable to the Knicks then James is to the heat lebron James played with 2 all stars the leagues best three point shooter in Ray Allen while Carmelo Anthony played with a inconsistent center and a sixth man of the year who causes problems for the Knicks and a injured power forward who doesn't play with melo wellclearly even without lebron the heat would still be a playoff team maybe a division winner while the Knicks would have been nowhere near the division title without Carmelo therefore Carmelo Anthony is more valuable to the Knicks the lebron James is to the heat therefore Carmelo Anthony is the most valuable player and should have won the MVP award


Anakin forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Clearly since my opponent has forfeited he knows I put a stronger argument of why Carmelo Anthony was clearly more valuable to the New York Knicks then Lebron James was to the heat and therefore Melo should have won the Most valuable player award or the MVP in the nba


As my opponent mention so accurately noted I did miss my round 2. I had personal matters to handle. Luckily my opponent didnt used his round 3 to his advantage just to make note of the obvious.

My opponent made a compelling argument but sorry it still doesnt make him be the deserving mvp to a team that lost 12 more games than the Heat.

My opponent states:
"However while lebron might have better stats the MVP stands for most valuable player and melo is more valuable to the Knicks then James is to the heat"

My response:
The Knicks had 6 players avg in the double digits last year the Heat had 5.

Also, Lebron James led the Heat in Points, Rebounds, Steals, Assist, 2nd in blocks and minutes played
Carmelo Antony led the Knicks only in points, he didn't even play the most minutes, the guy you said that cause them problems played the most, JR Smith.

So in closing as my opponent said himself, the MVP is for most valuable player. I would think the player that led his team in minutes played, points, steals, rebounds, assist, 2nd in blk, and the best record in the NBA would be more valuable than a player who just led him team in points and lost 12 more games than Lebron. Also ,my opponent noted that Lebron did have better over stats than Carmelo.

Lastly my opponent didn't use any punctuation in any of his rounds....

Good battle but
Case is closed...
Debate Round No. 3
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