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Started: 8/15/2019 Category: Health
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High quality animal foods are the most nutrient dense foods.
Humans are not as equipped to digest plants because we can't digest cellulose and the majority of plants contain anti-nutrients which bind to and inhibit the absorption of certain nutrients.
The majority of plant foods are man made through selective breeding and there is no way a a plant based diet would be possible for humans in nature because the majority of wild plants aren't edible and those that are have no nutrients or energy to offer us compared to animal food.


Hello, Nice to meet you, I hope we have a good and productive debate.
All the protein in meat comes from the protein in plants. EVERY plant has protein. At the LEAST fourteen percent of the total calories in any plant are protein. Some plants can match up to meat in protein density, For example, Nuts, Beans, Algae and seeds. Only two table spoons of hemp seeds contains 10g of protein, More than fish, Steak, Chicken or even pork. The average person needs 40-60g of protein per day, Less than ONE cup of hemp seeds is enough to satisfy that. Iron, Magnesium, Vitamin E and vitamin B can ALL be found in plants. EVERY NUTRIENT IN MEAT THAT IS ESSENTIAL FOR SURVIVAL CAN BE FOUND IN A PLANT BASED DIET. Meat contains a number of natural chemical toxins, Saturated fat and elements that make it hard for us to digest.

The American Dietetic Association, With over a hundred thousand practitioners has categorically stated that a plant based diet is healthy, Safe AND nutritionally appropriate for every stage of life, This includes pregnancy, Lactation and infancy. This is backed up by the British Dietetic Association and the NHS. Moving on, There is extensive and conclusive research and evidence that links our consumption of animal products to some of our leading diseases and illnesses, Including heart disease, Certain forms of cancer, Type two diabetes and strokes. This issue is not one of contention in the science community, And, As a consequence, Consuming animal products could be deemed an unnecessary action.

Sources TedXBathUniversity, After Skool, Brightside.
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