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Casey Anthony DID kill her child

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Started: 7/16/2018 Category: News
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I know it probably seems odd to bring up such a topic, but a PEOPLE article recently mentioned how it had been roughly 10 years since the death of Caylee Anthony. I remember adamantly thinking around that time that Casey Anthony did kill her child. Since it has been 10 years, I figured I should look up the evidence that was presented during the case and see if I still had the same opinion. After rereading the case clearly, I still believe that she did it.
I would like this first round for the opponent and me to present our opinions (strictly that for this round) about the case and how we felt about it and why we are for the side we chose. For the rest of the debate, I would prefer for it to be based on facts, but of course, a few opinions can be spurred throughout. I apologize for the long introduction, now on to my opinions.

Another part of the reason why I wanted to start this debate was after reading this line in the PEOPLE article.
"Additionally, Anthony said that she would not be "stupid" enough to have another child, and that she still sleeps well at night."
It struck me as odd, because if she did not kill her child, then as a mother you think she would be somewhat concerned that there is still someone out in the world that killed her child at the mere age of 2. Especially considering she received a lot of backlash and blame with a majority of people who think she did it.

I also remembered there being something about her saying that she did not realize Caylee was missing for nearly a month. How could someone not know that their own child went missing for a month? Considering Caylee was only 2 and around that age that would require a lot of care. Although at any age that still remains somewhat true, it is just a lot more around that age.

I remember when she first started going to court and it was on the news every day and every morning. She started court as her normal self and then she started wearing glasses to appear different and appeal to the court. Although I am aware that that isn't always a personal choice and it is a choice sometimes by their attorney, but still.

I will mention what she did lie about later in the "Facts" portion of this argument, but there were several things she lied about that were sort of trivial, and you begin to figure if she would lie about something like such, then why would she not lie about something like the death of her child, which would put her in prison for so many years.

I feel that this is all I would like to mention for my opinions. Thank you to whoever accepts this debate, I would love to discuss this topic!


No, she didn't. All evidence shows so.

"Judge who presided over the Casey Anthony murder trial says he believes she killed her toddler daughter - but not on purpose"

"Casey Anthony probably killed her daughter, but by accident, judge says"
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Posted by NYStateofMined 3 years ago
Why does everyone on this site forfeit?
Posted by FanboyMctroll 3 years ago
I agree, she is a killer but the court of law found her innocent. You can think the jury with the bliders on for that.

OJ was also found not guilty even though he did it. Don't let him fool you, he says he is still looking for his wife's killer. I say look in the mirror OJ
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