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Cate vs Doge

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Started: 6/11/2015 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Round 1: Acceptance
Round 2: Opening Argument
Round 3: Arguments and Rebuttals
Round 4: Rebuttals and Closing Statement

Resolution for Pro: Cate is better than Doge.
Resolution for Con: Doge is better than Cate.
Burden of Proof: Split

Rule: You must adhere to the debate structure.


Much Challenge. So accept.

Debate Round No. 1


I would like to begin by thanking my opponent for sticking to the intended path of this debate.
By accepting this debate, little did you know that...


Cate's stats are far superior than Doge's.

So what is giving Cate those incredibly cute, puffy cheeks?

Image result for I can't believe its not doge
Image result for Doge pancake
He eats Doge for breakfast. That's right. How many people can say they eat their mortal enemy every morning?

One last point for now:

Image result for Doge putin
Doge is conspiring against the United States and all of its allies with the leader of the illuminati, Puttin.

On to you Doge!

(heavy breathing)


Doge doesn't need stats.

Doge doesn't play games.

The simple fact of the matter is that Doge is a veritable Renissance Doge. He is a racer.

Well known Doge of the world.

And accomplished artist.

Cate, officially has blown his cover. Years of training after hearing the Call of Doge to serve his country...

As a Double O have now been wasted.

s://; alt="" />

Doge's loyalty was never in question.
s://; alt="" />

( to those interested in supporting capitalism, and credit where due, as its where I got the pic from.)

Regarding mistaking Doge as food, I ask Cate to put the Cate-nip down. Srlsy, yer trippin'.

Let me get the squirt bottle.

(some pics are appearing in my editor, but not in the review, please follow the links should they not work.)
Debate Round No. 2



While Cate was saving kids from obesity,

He spotted a that Doge does indeed play games. That is:
Image result for nintendoge

As per Doge's devotion to the United States , it was only distraction.

Cate's protégé and also former lab partner of Doge,

has discovered that Doge is a felon. He cooks illegal Cate-nip and distributes it via drug dealers.

Thus, all of the years of service Doge has put in for his country were merely a distraction. Additionaly, we have evidence that Doge is affiliated with the infamous group of people,

Lizard Squad, known for their elite hacking. Doge is seen here to be capable of doing large scale cyber attack.

Perhaps Cate wouldn't have been trippin on Cate-nip had Doge not sent aliens to abduct Cate to test the effects of his illegal product.



Not to belabor a point, but the only way such devotion to a country could ever be questioned would be via a concerted effort between Cate and communist sympathizers. I wonder who such sympathizers could be?

I bet you do, Lenin Cat. I bet you do.

Just to practice due diligence, I checked around with other canines to see exactly how much chemistry and hacker expirience Doge might have. The results seemed very... well, you'll see.

Chemistry was no different.

Honestly, it seems Cate has issue even with simple grooming.

And took speech lessons from Doge, but I digress.

ProCate is under the impression that some how DOGE is the alien?

Doge is not an alien. Doge is transcendent.

Debate Round No. 3


Doge has a very questionable political stance as well.

(Please go to:

This is also seen by his attendance with his family at this neo nazi rally:

In a last ditch attempt, my opponent has tried to reconcile the evidence of Doge cooking illegal product and cyber attacks with other dogs' lack of experience in chemistry and hacking. There is one fundamental flaw with this still.

Innocent people don't run.

Therefore we need to lock him up just like his former partner in crime, who testified that Doge is indeed the culprit.

Doge has brought up a long backstory of Cate and Doge, which we thought was water under the bridge. Now Cate must explain those memories that will forever haunt him. Whilst saving people's souls,

Doge had challenged Cate to prove the existence of a Gode. After settling the debate,

which ended with a verbal threat from Doge, Doge physically attacked Cate as dramatically redepicted here:

From this attack, Cate has conjured up a fear of being touched (explaining Cate's unusual behavior during grooming), and he was left barely alive. Doctors saved him by having a respirator fitted on his face.

Since Cate was wearing this mask, he was unable to eat for nearly a week. His ordeal was only made worse by none other than Doge, who taunted Cate even further by presenting himself as food.

This concludes that story, and now I must wrap up this debate which has proven to be incredibly fun. While Doge may be transcendent, Cate is eternal.

(Please go to:

Good luck in the voting round!


Doge's politcal stance isn't questionable. He is of nobility, nobility ordained by higher powers.

Doge, by the way, is Meta. So. Meta.;

With regards to Doge running, all I see is "Where's Waldo", and he neither runs, nor hides, he is quite literally plainly visible. Cate seems to want to assume your laziness. We shouldn't be surprised.

Wait... in the Light saber battle, Cate is holding a Red saber... it all makes sense!

Cate is of the Dark Side! Look! His mentor!

Surely, that respirator wasn't due to injury! Its because he became a super-villan, and tried to destroy Gotham!

Fortunately, Doge is the hero you deserve, but not the hero you need. I am reminded of a quote "Be anything you want. Unless you can be Bat Doge. Be Bat Doge."

I would like to thank my opponent for a very engaging debate, and would like to give my best wishes to all our reading and voting members.

Doge Bless.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by HazelStone 3 years ago
Doge is the inspiration of Cate. If it were not for Doge existing, then Cate will not be existing. Cate is just a copy from Doge. So Cate shall worship Doge. I know this because Doge was created first
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Breathtaking debate, really.
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
That quote at the end cracks me up every time
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
No need to worry about it anymore! I got all but 2 pics to work, which is the exact number you had to link in round 1. :D
Posted by FaustianJustice 3 years ago
Ah, gotcha. I see what ya mean. Sure thing, then.
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
To keep it fair, you should be allowed 2 (I think?) more pics that work directly on the debate itself since your round 1 argument contained a few pics that didn't work also. Thank you for doing this. True sportsmanlike conduct.
Posted by FaustianJustice 3 years ago
Clarification, as many direct pics as you muster, I will post no more than that.
Posted by FaustianJustice 3 years ago
I will follow individual links. Its not as flashy, but I will link as many as you do (no posting pics directly) as appreciation to the handicap.
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
Urgh I have my entire next post ready but almost none of the pics are working, nor is my method of fixing them helping. :(
Posted by Proving_a_Negative 3 years ago
lel this debate though...
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Vote Placed by tejretics 3 years ago
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Total points awarded:30 
Reasons for voting decision: The essence of this debate came down to the political systems of fascism and communism--Cate leans, according to the negative constructive, to socialistic anarchy, while Doge leans towards fascism. The Aff case's impacts clearly had relations to fascism, and, in extension, Doge, resulting in totalitarianism at the macropolitical level expanded from micro-fascism. Neg responds saying the alleged "fascism" is merely a level of nobility, and asserts that Cate transcribes to communism--but Con fails the link here in demonstrating *how* communism would entail that Cate is lesser than Doge, unlike the Aff case that showed that fascism was a state of dictatorship. Con also *concedes* that Cate's stats are superior to Doge's, and uses a defense in saying stats are irrelevant--but in an impact calculus form of RFDs, we only analyze defenses, i.e. arguments that directly challenge the other position, not evasive arguments such as defenses. Thus, I award the victory to the affirmative.