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Cats are better than dogs

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Started: 6/2/2021 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Voting Period
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Cats are better than dogs in so many ways. Cats aren't as loud, They are funnier, And they are calmer.


I like that cat's a more often independent, And not so 'clingy as dogs, 'usually.
Utility animals, Either one, Though I find dogs more useful.

Cats can be mice catchers,
But so can dogs.
Whilst dogs can additionally herd sheep, Guard locations.
Dogs can be service animals to the blind,
Work with police, With fireman, With snow rescue workers, In war.

'Dogs, Such 'useful animals.

. . .

My current deaf cat yowls at times, Seemingly random, In states of excitement, Now and then upon blue moons.
Debate Round No. 1


Dogs can be very useful in some situations, But cats can be useful in these situations too if they were given the chance. Cats can"t be service animals but that doesn"t mean that they aren"t helpful. My cat is very calm and patient, So when I am sad, I like to be with my cat. However, When I am upset and I try to hangout with my dog, All she want to do is play.


Sure, Cat's are fine animals to have about the house.
Often a comfort, An experience, Lively, Loving animals.

Individual use 'is dependent on the person, You really don't get any use in a sheepdogs sheepherding ability, Unless you're a Shepard.

Speaking objectively, Seems apparent dogs have the greater use, Thus can I say, 'better than cats.

But of course, I say again, Subjective.
Dogs are often be high maintenance, And aren't for everyone.
'Usually more hyper bounding social animals, Dogs.
Debate Round No. 2


It may seem like dogs have a greater use because they are used in the military and they are used as service animals but cats have done similar things. Cats have been used in the military. They were often used on ships to kill rodents and act as companions to those who served in the military. Many people in the military have experienced a traumatic event and these cats could have helped them cope. As I said earlier, Cats can't be service animals, But they are very beneficial to many people.


Cats 'can be used for 'some work,
Cat's 'can be used as therapy animals.

But dogs I say, Can do all that and more.
Be a friendly loyal pet, 'and be useful.

Still seems a subjective question for which animal would be 'better for an individual to have.
Debate Round No. 3
8 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 8 records.
Posted by catty82 1 month ago
I prefer cats too, They are so cute, Funny and smart. They don't smell bad, They are so clean.
Cats are very independent but they like to stay with people. I have 4 cats and they different personalities, Like us (humans). They know if you feel bad and stay close to you to purr you, That is so comforting. Despite a lot of people think that cats are selfish and grumpy I really love them, Miau miau. . .
Posted by Horaz 1 month ago
I strongly believe that if you have an apartment that doesn't have enough space cats are better than dogs but if you have a big field you could have a dog, However, The cats are catcher more hygienic than the dogs, I honestly feel that the cats are better than the dogs.
Posted by Ihsieman 1 month ago
There are dog breeds for doing everything, From catching rats in old England factories, To smuggling contraband across the Alps, Or Urals.
Posted by jazmine.walchek 1 month ago
I think that having any pet is incredible! But I think that kitties are the best pets for the following reasons:
-Their purr is therapeutic, It is scientifically proven that this sound is calming to people.
-They have no a strong smell, Because they always take a bath by themselves.
-They are the funniest and cutest animals.
-They don't need all the attention all day, Because they can sleep and play too.
-You don't need to take him out to poop, Cause the majority of the time they go by themselves.
Posted by FEALE 1 month ago
In my opinion, Cats and dogs have different personalities, Both are better. I can"t choose who is better. This may depend on the context or the preferences of the people.
Posted by Davis_Toro 1 month ago
In my opinion, Cats are cute but they aren't better than dogs. I prefer dogs to cats. Dogs are more lovely and friendly. Cats are a good company but dogs express more than only that.
Posted by Leaning 2 months ago
Heh, I didn't realize how few characters the debate allowed, Until I ran out of them typing my argument.
Posted by Hezikiah 2 months ago
Meow Meow
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