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Cats are superior to Dogs

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Started: 2/23/2017 Category: Funny
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Cats are better than dogs.

First of all, cats need less room. Dogs need room to run around and play, cats on the other hand, could live with you in a studio apartment and never want more. Dogs need space to get active and if you put them in a small space they will get restless and not be the happy little puppy you want them to be.

Cats cost less to get and to feed, they don't NEED toys unless you want to give them toys. Dogs need things to chew and, not all, but a large majority chew through things like shoes and socks because they have nothing to play with.

Cats have instinct that tells them how to get rid of their waste. Dogs do too, just not to the same amount. Cats will find a nice, often sandyish, area at which to relieve themselves, and they will bury solid waste. Dogs leave their waste out in the open and don't think twice.

Some people say that dogs can be a replacement for a child they can never have or adopt, but cats can too.

Some breeds of dogs don't shed, and that is why a lot of people like dogs, but there are breeds of cats that don't shed either. I'm not talking about those hairless cats. There are plenty of cat breeds that have hair, but don't shed.


why would you get a cat when you could get a dog, a dog will go hunting with you play games with you when all a cat will do is sleep all day and eat and you do not have to buy toys for a dog you can go outside and get a stick and play fetch and outside dogs have all the room they need to grow and play.
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Posted by jonathonave 3 years ago
Someone should argue Mazlow's hierarchy and psychological needs against this.
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