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Cats are the best pets!

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Started: 6/14/2018 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Cats are better than dogs. They remove and eat pests, are much more funny but mysterious at the same time, and keep themselves clean. Plus, they come potty trained and they don't chew on anything. AND THEY WERE ONCE WORSHIPED AS GODS! THAT BEATS DOGS!


Despite me agreeing that Cats are the best pets. I will argue against why CATS are the best pets.

1. Dogs are named as mankind's best friend.
The phrase "Man's best friend" is a common quote relating to dogs. Fredrick the Great even said one of his Italian Greyhounds as a best friend.

2. Dogs can be trained easier than cats.
According to, you can easily teach dogs how to do stuff, like not to eat people or do tricks. It is a very popular reason why dogs are over cats.

3. They can be trained to protect homes.
Dogs can be trained even to protect homes, a cat cannot protect a home, since cats are very scared of strangers, so cats run away to hide.

4. Dogs listen more than cats.
Dogs would tilt their heads, possibly a sign that the dog is listening to the owner. Cats in the other hand, ignore and take a nap.

5. Exercise!
Like the 3rd reason, they can be trained to do exercise, even walking a dog is very common. Walking is a very good exercise, so dogs too listen when the owners tells the dog to do walking.

6. Cats have private baskets, preventing cats to go.
Note: If the owner wants to take for a ride, a dog will sit next to the owner, while cats will not go with the owner or go on the private basket.

That's 6 "short" reasons why dogs are better than cats, they tend to be referred as man's best friend, easier to train, they protect homes, they listen more than cats, they do exercise with the owners and dogs follow you. I conclude by saying you have some cat reasons but I got ideas, such as reducing a heart attack if you own a cat, that's a few reasons why I say dogs are better than cats. These are a few examples, expect more in the rounds coming.
Debate Round No. 1


Cats are just good pets to have. A study of Harvards students pets revealed that students who keep cats are significantly smarter than students who keep dogs. People who own dogs constantly get distracted because dogs frequently need walks and are too dependent on humans. Cats, however, can feed themselves and are happy as indoor pets. Dog owners all agree on one thing; dogs are just too dependent on us. Also, cat owners are less likely to be stressed as having a cat relaxed people. And, in USA, there are more cats than dogs. You will spend less money caring for a cat, cats don't chew, cats don't need a lot of space, and as a renter, you'll likely find more apartments available to cat owners than dog owners. Landlords look more favorably on tenants with cats for several reasons:

No cat-related noise complaints.
No fear of cats walking the hallways, potentially harming other tenants.
Less repair needed at move out due to stained carpet or scratched walls and doors.
To add to that, you can leave kittens in your house all day, but with puppies, it's chaos. Dogs do cause more mischeif than cats, and cat cover their poop and pee. Give them a litterbox and litter, and your cat will be potty-trained. You need to scoop dog poop, though. Cats don't bark, and purring is just something mysterious and relaxing. Cats also keep themselves clean, while dogs have a reputation for rolling in mud or worse. And cats were worshiped as gods! The Egyptian Mau were kept by Egyptians and worshiped as gods. So, even if the battle between cats and dog owners still rages on, us cat lovers know that the battle is already won and you doglovers just don't want to admit that.


Cats are dumber, according to science, in a new study found out in about December 2017 has concluded that dogs are more intelligent than cats.

Well, I can say that cats are more cuter but dogs are tougher and more able to listen than cats.

Cats are more lazier than dogs.

Dogs are popular, more than cats.
Debate Round No. 2


Cats are more capable of loving us and forming close friendships with us, because cats have more oxytocin than dogs. The stereotype that cats are lazy is wrong. Cats are quite playful around the house, and will often spend its time chasing flies or yarn. If outside, they have a daily patrol around their territory. Some will walk for miles! Cats are quite good hunters and spend a lot of time doing it if possible. So cats are not lazy. And a survey revealed that there are more cats than dogs in the United states of America, as mentioned in my previous argument. Also, cats are able to land on their feet in less than 30 centimeters. Dogs are not able to. Cats can quickly realize danger, while dogs cannot, and that outrules your previous argument.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Debate Round No. 5
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