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Started: 2/9/2015 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I have been off of this website for well, a long time. I come back to a site with not nearly as many open challenge debate options as there were before.

So why not start a debate with amorphous potential!

This round, my opponent will accept my debate and provide a topic for us to debate.
My opponent must state which position they are for and provide me with for say a "fighting chance".

If my opponent clearly sets me up for failure they are willingly agreeing to a forfeit. YES. If you are deciding to accept my challenge you must pick a topic that is able to be debated from all different angles, if not I shall accept an automatic victory.

Now with all of that out of the way, pick your topic opponent. I await a challenge.


I accept. The topic I pick is.... "I (GamrDeb8rBbrH8r) could build a better haunted house than you (Samyul)" (Pro)
Debate Round No. 1


Very well, a challenge has arisen!

First off I would like to of course thank my opponent "GamrDeb8rBbrH8r" for accpeting my challenge of well, challenging me to a debate! I look forward to a very interesting debate and hope the audience enjoys as well. Best of luck to my opponent.

The Topic
My opponent has chosen a very vague subject in their first round acceptance/debate presentation. Later though after questioning in the comment section I have resolved exactly what we will be debating.

I will be debating that I, Samyul, could build a better haunted house than my opponent. By haunted house, my opponent has declared that it will be not based on carpentry and actually building a haunted house. We will be "building" a haunted house in the sense of creating the infrastructure of what actually goes in to a haunted house, aka what makes it haunted.

Also, by haunted house my opponent has declared (once again in the comments) that it will be a haunted house like the tourist attractions during halloween time. The haunted houses that thrill seekers go to for a scare. Haunted houses run by amusement parks or just halloween fans alike. Haunted houses with hired or volunteered workers that work to scare people that have most likely paid for a ticket to enter.

Unfortunately my opponent did not make the concept clear in the opening round so I have cleared it up as to what actually my opponent means, if you would like you could also visit the comment section! Now in to the debate.

Now, this will not be much of a factual debate but rather one based on creative writing and thinking. The voters will vote on uniqueness, scariness, and creativity based on what we write. Altogether though, judges should read our propositions of a house and decide which is overall scarier! I'm not sure how the rounds will work, whether each round we will add to the house? Or maybe we will each "build" a house then debate if they are scary or not? That was not clear therefor I will simply build a haunted house the best I can!

My Haunted House

Ah, now the fun part! My haunted house.

The audience will arrive on the property of my haunted house grounds greeted by festive music, costumes, and food all in a general area. There will be actors running around, taking pictures, scaring, and joking around with visitors across the open lawn accompied by a DJ playing the biggest halloween hits. The party atmospher will attract a large audience for a social atmosphere where ages all alike will spend time, eat, and socialize with friends in a halloween mega party atmosphere!

Now those willing to risk sanity will choose to go in the parks only truly terrifying experience, my haunted house, aka "The Murdock House"

The Murdock House
Once visitors have had time at the party, or skipped it altogether to get to the haunted house, they will enter a line in the back of the park starting at the woods. They will wait until they arrive at the front of the line then instead of walking in to a conditional front door of a haunted house, you will take a hay ride to a house in the distance barely visible through the woods. Once the hayride starts you will only be able to see a single light in the window of the distant Murdock House on the upper level right hand window. The rest of the house is dark and shadowed by the surrounding trees.

Along the hayride nothing out of the ordinary will happen. As you get closer and closer to the Murdock House you are able to make out more structure of the beaten up old, run down house. Including it's porch, basement door on the side of the house, and still the single light in the upper window. As you get out of the hayride in the dark of the night, you will be instructed by a single arrow pointing to the front door of the Murdock House which you have finally arived.

While walking up to the house if you happen to look up to the single lit window you will notice a lady has appeared and is looking over your entry. You cannot make out her face as it is dark and covered by what looks like a viel.

*NOTE* My haunted house is not a normal jump out scare haunted house, but it is one that is meant to make you feel uneasy and scared resulting in a very uncomforting form of fear *NOTE*

Your feat creak across the surface of the porch as you push through the front door of the Murdock House, and as the door is fully open you see well, nothing. Complete and utter darkness ahead of the door greets you.

Then before you turn and leave for the departing hayride, a candle lights off to the right. You see an elderly man's face with the light of the candle as he sits in a rocking chair of what looks like a living room. He motions for you to come towards him.

You and the group enter the family room and a door shuts behind you. You are now alone in the dark family room with the elderly man and the candle, then in a brief second twenty plus candles all light at once and the room illuminates with candle light. The elderly man gives off a sinister smile and you can finally make out his face. His is sitting in a rocking chair, in tattered farm clothing and jean overalls. He has a scar acorss his face and is very dirty. The room is old and looks very dusty. Pictures of a family hang across the walls and old, old furniture fills the room. A dining room table set is let of the man, and a window is behind the man. The window is open slightly but outside is completely dark.

The man keeps rocking and looks at each member of the group in the eye. You notice a large rifel leaning against the wall next to the man. After looking at everyone he looks at the rifle, smiles then procedes to clear his throat.

The Murdock Story
The man then procedes to tell the back story of the Murdock House. He tells you the story of a ruined family, living on this very farm. With dark and sinister children running around the woods at night, his wife (Mrs. Murdock) spending unusual amounts of time alone in the basement, yet she is always speaking with someone. His father and mother and law who are extremely elderly living upstairs and never coming out of their room for anything. His brother and sister also live out in the barn, but are both extremely mentally ill and claim to see and hear things that aren't there. This elderly man claims to be insane, along with his family all cursed to live at this house. He tries to tend to his farm but claims that any time he leaves the house to walk through the woods to the corn fields, he gets lost despite the very close corn field. He sees people running through the woods, he hears whispers in his ear, he sees people marching through trees. He claims he has lost his mind and cannot bear to live hear with his family anymore.

He says he has informed the local police that he is about to commit a mass murder of his own family. He tells you that he just got off of the phone with the police right before you and the group entered, and that the police will be here any second. He then says that he doesn't intend to kill anyone but himself, and has called the police so that they will come and hopefully discover the terrors of the house.

He stands up and grabs the rifle, just as he stands up you notice a pale young woman in the window behind the man with dark eyes. She smiles as the room goes completely dark. A gun shot rings throughout the room startling you and the crowd, and just a second after the gun shot the candles flicker all back to life brighter than before.

The woman in the window is gone and the old man lay motionless on the floor in a pool of blood, the rifle not far. Another door in the back corner of the room opens on its own and police sirens are now being able to be heard in the distance. Your only choice being to walk through the now opened door.


I will continue the walkthrough of my haunted house in my next round! Goodluck.


"By haunted house, my opponent has declared that it will be not based on carpentry and actually building a haunted house. We will be "building" a haunted house in the sense of creating the infrastructure of what actually goes in to a haunted house, aka what makes it haunted."

No, I left a comment defining it as an attraction for people to walk through and get scared and clarified that it had nothing to do with legitimacy.
Debate Round No. 2



I post a gigantic story of a thrill seekers haunted house that I took immense time to think about and write about, and my opponent replays with a measly detail of something they didn't find suitable? It wasn't even an incorrect detail?

Next time I will definitely not be taking open debates so I am not accepting a challenge from an opponent like this that is either too lazy to debate or just confused on actually what a debate it.

I apologize to the audience as my opponent has wasted all of our time here and has embarrassed themselves along with me for thinking it is a good idea to have a random person challenge me. I was ignorant to believe that people like my opponent don't exist on this site, when rather people like my opponent unfortunately do.


Dude, look at the comments. I am not lying about what I said.
Debate Round No. 3


Yeah "dude" I know you're not lying and I correctly interpreted what you wrote.

I see what has happened. You (my opponent) are too lazy to read my argument and debate and also probably not skilled enough to debate therefor you're fixating on something that I literally interpreted the right way so that you can provide an excuse for not debating.

My opponent is a waste of time and everything that he/she says is a waste to even read as it doesn't make sense, is illogical, and flat out annoying that I had to write all of that for my opponent to literally be a waste of a debate account.

I apologize for people like my opponent existing on this website, and for people like me ignorant enough to debate them.


"You (my opponent) are too lazy to read my argument and debate and also probably not skilled enough to debate therefor you're fixating on something that I literally interpreted the right way so that you can provide an excuse for not debating."

No, I simply refuse to compromise on the resolution. It's not an excuse for not debating, its the refusal to compromise. It's your fault.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by yourgay21 2 years ago
here is my claim so if you think that we should ban asalt rifels than think about this
why would you own a asailt rifel id say why do you own a fireextinguesher. because incase of a fire so i have a gun incase of an attack on us soile so
Posted by Samyul 3 years ago
Ah very nice! Thank you and I look forward to our debate.
Posted by GamrDeb8rBbrH8r 3 years ago
@ Samyul, yes, by "better" I mean both scarier AND more unique, my definition having nothing to do with carpentry or age-appropriateness. And yes, haunted house does mean "Halloween attraction for people to walk through and get scared," wether legit or not.
Posted by Samyul 3 years ago
And by haunted house,
Haunted house as in one that is a Halloween attraction for people to walk thru and get scared?
Or haunted house as In a legitamate paranormal house that is indeed "real" and not a tourist attraction for thrill seekers?

Sorry for all the questions, but it is very vague.
Posted by Samyul 3 years ago
TO MY OPPONENT: (Or audience)

When you say build a better haunted house...
We are not talking about actually carpentry and building correct? Rather we are discussing elements inside the house? And by better does that mean scarier or more unique?

I will have to post an argument soon, but would like the audience's input and my opponent's clarification as to what they mean by "better."
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Goodluck with the debate.

If either debater says their haunted house is better for having less ghosts, I will almost certainly vote against them. In fact for the meaning of the resolution to be honored, the better haunted house should probably be pretty bad.
Posted by Samyul 3 years ago
2 For a fact Wylted, and you cannot prove in any way that only one person misinterpreted? If two people in the comment section voiced their misinterpretation, how many who viewed the debate also felt the same way but didn't speak about it? If two spoke out, I believe that many would feel the same way, thus the point of my comment.

Your comment is false Wylted.
Posted by Wylted 3 years ago
Nope, only 1 person who read it misinterpreted your request.
Posted by Samyul 3 years ago
I think everyone is misinterpreting my opening request. I simply wanted to create a small safety net so I didn't end up debating for example something like two plus two does not equa four. I just needed a basic ground rule so my future opponent doesn't come in and create a debate that cannot clearly be disputed because it is not a topic that anyone would have a fighting chance to debate in favor of.

There's nothing more to it. I'm open to a challenge that's why I created this. I will debate anything I have a chance with. Chance being that there's evidence for both sides or previous compelling arguments made for either side
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
I recently saw this really well done, with a simple twist of the opponent choosing the topic, but the instigator choosing their side on the issue.
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