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Charizard is Super Overrated!

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Started: 4/27/2018 Category: Games
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Charizard is a LOT of people's favorite Pokemon, he does NOT deserve his glory though. Charizard IS COOL, I have to admit. At the same time, he is every noobs fave. He's nowhere close to the best starter (stat-wise), he doesn't really look that cool base form (he's a fat dragon...), and, he would get absolutely creamed by a supreme Infernape.


Charizard is a classic. Like Pikachu, everyone loves him. he's brought together so many people and made them friends. He's something everyone loves. and he's super cool. I mean, look at his super awesome FLAMETHROWER! This guy has Nintendo heart and soul in him. He's clearly someone to praise. I don't see why anyone would call him overrated. I mean, whoever said that has a bone to pick with the Pokemon universe. He's so noticed he's one of the few Pokemon in Super Smash Bros! And of course, he's so big and burly you could even say he's underrated! Don't forget, everyone likes to see a monster that is a dragon that breathes fire. I know we all love him. In fact, 400 college students were rounded up and asked to pick a partner Pokemon, and guess what? 39.3% picked Charmander, which shows Charmander really is the most popular starter. You can go to the following site and see for yourself;
I am sorry if this argument seems a bit short, but I am quite busy and don't have much time. I will return for the next round.
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Posted by Infernape_Rox_77 3 years ago
Sorry, You answered a little too late, still. That's exactly WHY he's overrated, he's a fat dragon, there are cooler dragons out there in the Pokemon Universe, ahem, Hydregion, Salamance, Giratina, Palkia, Dialga, Zekrom, Reshiram, Kyurem, Haxorus, Zygarde, Rayquaza, I mean, I can name them all day! I think he's just a little too popular for what he IS good at. He DOES have one of the coolest mega evolutions, I'll give him that. Besides that tho, he has Flamethrower, so does almost every other fire type, he... Well, that's about it. There's nothing about him than any other fire type starter doesn't have. He's only so popular because he's the coolest FIRST gen starter (which, if you look at it, isn't saying much). If he was the coolest second or third gen starter, nobody would even notice him. When it comes to his stats, he's not even the best FIRE type starter, Infernape is. He's slow and almost unusable from a competitive standpoint.
Posted by Infernape_Rox_77 3 years ago
He is VERY overrated... Tell me why you think he ISN'T though...
Posted by yooof 3 years ago
nope he is not overrated
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