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Cheap food and clothes are never good?

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Started: 10/9/2019 Category: Society
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Voting Period
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I disagree with this opinion


This should be an easy debate.

Cheap anything is crap, Cheap clothes use thinner, Weaker material because of the cost which makes the clothes crappy and wear out faster. Cheap food ultimately gives you cancer and obesity leading to diabetes and other health problems.

Cheap anything is for the lower class people who have no money because they are on welfare and or lazy slackers who work low paying jobs. Since most of the population is lower class the food and clothing industry thrive on selling cheap crap to the masses but the products are garbage and in the end you end up spending more money on garbage food and clothes because you have to keep rebuying it over and over and cheap food eventually leads to health problems which cost in medical bills. While cheap clothes wear out and have holes and more cheap clothes are bought and it becomes a vicious cycle. Meanwhile f you spend the money on expensive clothes the stitching is better the material is better and one good pair of shoes will last you 5 times longer than a cheap payless pair of shoes. I personally do not support any Dollarama or Walmart stores ads they only provide cheap labor jobs for employees while selling cheap products and only attract immigrant workers who work for slave wages

Therefore cheap food and clothes are never good
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