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Cheaters should never be forgiven

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Started: 1/6/2018 Category: People
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I don't care what anyone says, if someone cheats on you, they will always be a cheater, male or female, these people are downright heartless, I don't care if a few more people do it nowadays, because they still are

when men/women cheats, they aren't trying to "save your relithonship", because cheating is what KILLS IT. if they do it because you haven't given them enough affairs, that does not make them "understandable" it makes them sex loving pigs.

if they cheat on you, they are greedy, so they go off to pleasure themselves not even caring about the person they cheat on. and they have the gall to ask for forgiveness, they don't do it because they love you, they do it because they want their cake and eat it too.

the person they cheated on is the victim, its not the victims fault they didn't "treat them right"

their is no evidence a cheater still loves you, so they deserve to be unforgiven and cast out in the street.


"Cheaters should never be forgiven"

Using that premise alone, I can name a situation where cheating is justified.

A couple lives together for 5 years, gets married, then the husband becomes a raging alcoholic. He destroys everything in the house, is verbally abusive to his wife, beats her to the point where she can't talk anymore. He hits his kids and threatens them regularly. There comes a point where they haven't had a single nice word spoken to each other in years. He says that if she divorces him, he will hunt her down. Years later after living with this, she meets a very handsome nice man at the store and they secretly meet each other for years as a way of escaping her terrible home life. She kisses him, and eventually packs all of her things and takes the kids and leaves her old husband. After leaving, her old husband is angry for a while, then breaks down and sees all the pain that he's caused. He has a lifechanging epiphany. Should he not forgive her for cheating?
Debate Round No. 1


if the mother was really threatened and abused, she should have called the police, the bruises on her body would be enough as evidence, then she would meet with the "nice" man.

from my point of view it would look like she abandoned her kids just to get a better life of her own, the court could also have potential witnesses catching the wife kissing another man, the court would have the men win the custody battle, leading the women to abandon her children to the abusive father. and she would be fine with hit because she has a new boyfriend anyway

because that's what cheaters are, heartless, they don't care about their children's feelings, they don't care about their husband, or wife's feelings, they are just heartless,

if anything, that women is no different than her old husband.


Oftentimes abuse victims don't act rationally. It's easy to say "oh in this situation, I'd do X", but if it actually happened, fear might cause you to do the opposite. The new guy might be the guidance and feeling of safety she needed to finally snap out of her hostage situation.
Any actual court would look at the abuse testimony by the kids and wife and disregard her kissing another man. There's no way on earth the court would award custody to the man.
The woman is different from her old husband. Physical and verbal abuse to a spouse and children is objectively worse than kissing another man and removing yourself from an abusive situation.
Debate Round No. 2


it still would have been smarter to wait until the police would come, while I will admit that the women is the victim in this situation, it still does not make sense to anger the abuser even further,

the women still had no second thoughts about leaving her children, even while she was still with her old husband, while she was kissing another man, the children would be abused without emotional comfort from the mother

in this situation, I think neither parent deserves the kids, the court has seen the wife kiss another man, and the man beat his children, so the logical thing to do was not give the children to either of them.

because I will say for a final time: she doesn't care about the kids, because she let them get beat while she is getting attention from some dude she found.

because she's a cheater, and cheaters should never be forgiven, by husband or child.

I wish you luck in the voting period.


In this hypothetical situation, all I have to do is show 1 instance where cheating is acceptable in a regard. Let's say then, that the children are living with grandma while this is happening.

It seems like you hold cheating in a very high regard saying it's equal to beating your wife and children. Which, there's not much I can say to convince you otherwise. I disagree, and for many abuse victims, it takes an outside party to proverbially slap some sense into them.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
wish luck to you!
Posted by eliasisameme 2 years ago
I'd agree with the pro on this one. Emotionally its obvious that no you wouldn't want to forgive a heartbreaker. Logically it appears you don't have to either, which is what pro is arguing, and ethically, even the Jewish religion allowed for divorce in the event of cheating. Hard to think up a con argument unless you're thinking of lost potential, which can be minimized anyways.
Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
man, i was angry when i wrote this, i still think cheaters should never be forgiven but man, i really let loose XD
Posted by Minddagger 2 years ago
unfaithful is just not as loyal, which is what most cheaters are.
Posted by John_C_1812 2 years ago
Why the word cheat and not unfaithful?
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