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Children should be kissed and tickled and licked by grown ups

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Started: 3/13/2019 Category: Economics
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When I walk on the streets, If I see a child alone, I am going to kiss it. Children should be kissed and tickled and licked by grown ups. It's natural. When you see a cute little 4 year-old girl, You get those feelings, You just want to touch her. I want to kiss a pretty 4 year-old girl and lick her cheek. She is a little lady who likes to be kissed, And tickled on the tummy. Some people say this is very bad. Are they accusing me of practicing love? To that crime, I plead guilty. For I have given my love to the little girl I found sweet, And in her company I found comfort that not all humans are evil.


Okay first of all, Are you insane? ! What the hell is actually wrong with you. Get help. Please get help. I hope you are a troll because if this is serious, I'm calling the police. So stop, Okay? That isn't even something to joke about. You're a disgusting person no matter if you are serious or if you are joking.
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Posted by SickInTheHead 3 years ago
@ TheBoldDebator
Were you licked as a child?
Posted by VCTG 3 years ago

I know, That man needs help. A lot of help.
Posted by TheBoldDebator 3 years ago
When I was a kid, I did not like being kissed unless it was by my mom. I also hated being tickled and I bet other children feel the same way. You must be either insane, Perverted, Or absolutely some crazy nut hole. Do please get help.
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