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Children should not be given homework until late teens

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Started: 11/20/2017 Category: Education
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Childhood should be a time of exploration, of fun. School should be for learning, out-of-school hours should be for relaxing. If children have less to learn, they don't have to stress about silly extra work that really means nothing until late teens, and if children enjoy what they are learning, they will remember it more.

I would also endorse children not having to go to school until the age of 7, and less hours of lessons per day.

If all of this gets Finland in the #1 spot for education in the world, why not implement this everywhere else in the world :3


I believe that children should be given homework at a young age. I was given homework since i was in kindergarten and it was of benefit to me. Giving homework at a young age helps build up personal responsibility, something they can use for the rest of their lives. i do not believe that young children should be given hours of homework. Instead, they should be given a page and as they get older the work should be built up a little at a time. Furthermore, i dont believe that children should be so so stressed out that they are crying like more teenagers do today. I believe the homework load should be limited. Young children should have homework to build up responsibility.
Debate Round No. 1


My opponent states that they believe homework "helps build up personal responsibility".

Actually, I believe it teaches children to obey authority, and to base their personal success on how well they can remember facts that they are told they must know, by someone else... "for the exam".

To me that is not true 'responsibility'. If children are truly able to have a sense of responsibility for their education; they must be trusted to be responsible for what they do with their own time, so outside of school.

During school time, they are told exactly what to do, when and how. To sit down, to not speak, to open their book to page 96. To complete questions 2-5. I wouldn't call that responsibility in the real sense... I mean they are being told they can't be trusted to think what they should be doing.

So after 7 hours of school, to be told to complete more work is, again, not real responsibility. Responsibility is having the freedom to focus on what they want to focus on; i.e. socialising, playing, learning of their own accord.

If you want them to truly develop skills in the world, a school system that was designed in the Victorian times to pump out factory workers will not teach children to think for themselves. Like in a factory, the school system teaches children to do as they say, and not much else. As we do not have many factory-like jobs nowadays, and it is harder to get a job as it is, the modern era requires people to think creatively, to be adaptable, sociable, and passionate at what they do. If, like Finland, we prioritise this time of thinking for oneself, children then have a clear head to possibly develop an interest of their own, which may lead them to think about what they want to do later in life.

What would you say is a good measure of success? - in my opinion it would be a well-rounded, kind, confident and passionate person who has a head for themselves. Values that school doesn't really specialise in.

While school may have some purpose - in helping to develop the ability to obey authority, and instil a basic knowledge of facts to do with the world; which even then can be developed elsewhere; these ideas are focused on a lot more than they need to be in my opinion.

This is why I think children should spend less time at school, and doing school-related things. It allows for the opportunity to develop other, arguably more important skills; social skills, creativity, independence etc. that have nothing to do with remembering facts lol.

What do you think?
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