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Chocolate be banned in elementary and middle schools

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Started: 3/13/2017 Category: Health
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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bad for you


Banning something is one of the best ways to get people to do it. There's a long history of things being banned and because of that people want to do it more. If it's banned children will find ways to sneak it in. When Silly Bandz were banned when I was in elementary school we all figured out ways to trade them when the teachers weren't looking.
Debate Round No. 1


I think that chocolate milk should be banned from all schools because I think that schools and kids are getting poisoned. By what you ask? CHOCOLATE MILK!!!!!!!!! IF YOU WANT TO FIND OUT HOW JUST KEEP READING HAHAHA!!!!! I think that you should stop serving chocolate milk at lunch are Health problems, Too much sugar in chocolate milk, and how much you serve it

Health problems
Everyone thinks chocolate milk is good but did you know it can have major health problems for kids who drink it. Some might say that chocolate milk has no health problems but trust me it does. Some of those health problems are Cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes.According to the American Institute for Cancer Research,"Chocolate milk contains added sugars and therefore more calories that can lead to more overweight and obesity." In other words, it can lead to you dying and not being able to live a long life of playing sports and seeing the new technology.So those are the health problems of chocolate milk


Taking it out of schools won't help, a lot of parents only buy chocolate milk and so the children will get it anyway. Besides, it's a good way to get children who refuse to drink white milk, calcium. It does have a lower concentration of calcium, but it's better than nothing.
Debate Round No. 2


Too much sugar in Chocolate milk
There is too much sugar in it and some may think it is healthy milk but it is not it has disease teaspoons of added sugar and 27 total grams of carbohydrates.According to Michigan State University Extension"In fact, when sugars are added to otherwise nutrient-rich foods, such as sugar-sweetened dairy products like flavored milk and yogurt and sugar-sweetened cereals, the quality of children"s and adolescents" diets improves, and in the case of flavored milks, no adverse effects on weight status were found." So those are my reasons and quote on There is too much sugar in chocolate milk.


Many children refuse to eat or drink healthy things because of the way they taste, adding sugar is just fine with me if it gets kids to drink milk. I believe that chocolate milk is not as unhealthy as my opponent makes it sound. If anyone has too much of it, it may become unhealthy, but that's with anything. If all they have is the little 1 cup then it will be perfectly fine for their health. In conclusion, schools should not remove chocolate milk. Thank you for debating with me.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by C_e_e 3 years ago
Round 1 was best argued by Pro. Con was missing a noun for the phrase "bad for you." And, that was the extent of his Round 1 argument.
Round 2 was best argued by Con. The effort was made to link chocolate milk to health problems like diabetes. The effort was also made to quote the American Institute for Cancer Research. But, points could not be given for sources, because no sources were provided. We sort of have to take Con's word for it, or attempt to confirm the matter independently ourselves.
It comes down to Round 3 and the general impression given for the debate, for the tie breaker. In Round 3, Con quoted Michigan State University. But, there again, no sources were provided. And, the Michigan State University quote said that when sugar is added to otherwise nutrient-rich foods, children's diets are improved. Such a quote advocates adding sugar to such foods as being a good thing. So, the quote more supports Pro's side by saying that the addition of sugar makes nutrient-rich foods more appealing for children to eat. Looking at the whole debate, it seemed that Con better understood the value of having universities or research institutes support one's side of an argument, as opposed to just arguing without gathering such support. And, for that reason, I award the tie breaker to Con.
Posted by DawsonBruno 3 years ago
Wow, as soon as I read that chocolate milk is, "bad for you," my life changed. I went from a steady chocolate milk diet to a STRICT almond milk diet. The results? Well, let's just say that nothing has changed.
With a guy named MagicalGamer101, I thought, "Man, this guy's argument is about to destroy Autee135's, but I was wrong.

MagicalGamer101 Not only proved me wrong, but made me feel around 3.14% less intelligent than I was 12 minutes ago. Thanks for that.

Obviously chocolate milk isn't the best thing for you, but schools offer it in moderation, which is how every food/drink should be offered. Drinking one or even two cartons of chocolate milk will not lead to any of these bizarre diseases and sicknesses. I really wish I could have debated this with Mr. MagicalGamer101, but unfortunately, Autee beat to it. Fortunately for MagicalGamer, Autee hasn't brought up the fact that MagicalGamer101 has not offered any proof or evidence when he says that, "Some of those health problems are Cancer, heart disease, obesity, and diabetes." He does make up a bull crap statement saying that the American Institute for Cancer Research did scientific research about chocolate milk, and came to the conclusion that it can result in obesity and diabetes. Even though this is a fake quote, the American Institute for CANCER Research does not say anything about chocolate milk resulting in cancer (Fake Quote Much?)
Posted by SavageWalrus 3 years ago
I think we should ban schools
Posted by AlFox 3 years ago
"Bad for you"
Everything is bad for you in an excecive way, so, everything should be banned.
Posted by zach16williams 3 years ago
Bad for you is terrible. AT least provide some facts
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