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Chocolate is better than sour candy

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Started: 1/31/2019 Category: Society
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So, I think that chocolate is so much better than sour candy, It has so much flavor and richness you can't put it down. One time i went to the movie theater and got some sour skittles, While i was eating them, I began to have a raw tongue and it hurt to eat any thing. My mouth was so beat up, I could not even finish my sweets. It was so bad. O ya and when you eat the candy, There is usually a stuff called citric acid in it and you cannot have things like milk because it can give you a stomach ache. While I agree that sour candy is good. Chocolate it so much better.


Well, Pal, I think sour candy is better than chocolate. It gives you a nice kick before filling your mouth with intense flavory goodness. The harsh sour taste makes the sweetness that hits you afterwards that much sweeter. On top of that, Sour candy is not nearly as messy as chocolate. You can eat sour candy on a hot day and not worry about it becoming a goopy mess because of the temperature. And on cold days, You need not worry about biting into an icy rock, Instead, You can heat up your gob with the spicy sensation of sour candy.

Sour candy is bomb and chocolate don't got nothin' on it. Big facts.
Debate Round No. 1


Ok well i think that you are wrong because sour candy is just so hard to get used to i mean, Its just not ok to have it all the time. Chocolate, Well i can have that all day. Buddy you are wrong it is insane that you think that sour candy is the because. When you bite into that delicious chocolate, Its taste sweet but not sour and I think that is a good thing


Sour candy being hard to get used to doesn't make it worse than chocolate. The sourness you taste initially works to enhance the sweet flavors that come after you bite past the sour layer. I like to earn my sweetness, And sometimes, You gotta break past the sour to reach the beauty of the sweet, You feel me?

Also, It isn't healthy to eat either all day. Remember kids, Eat your candy in reasonable amounts, And make sure it's sour candy that you're eating! I'm facts, Chief.
Debate Round No. 2


My thing though is I cannot really agree with you. I think that chocolate is the thing that I would eat first before any thing, Sour candy. . . Its just not a good thing to really have often. Ya its good but just think about this, Chocolate over candy, 46 people chose chocolate over sour candy. It is so good to have chocolate and it comes in so many different flavors. Milk, Dark, Salty, Sea salt, ECT.

My conclusion is, Chocolate is so much better than sour candy.


It is fine for you to disagree with me, However, I trust the voters to decide and make the best decision: Sour Candy > Chocolate!

Sour candy's distinct contrast of flavors is true perfection that cannot be topped. While chocolate is always sweet, It usually causes more problems than what it's worth to eat it. It becomes a goopy mess when it gets to hot and rock-solid block of ice when it gets too cold. It can be extremely messy while sour candy provides no headache and is always ready to be eaten when needed.

Sour candy is the best. Vote con!
Debate Round No. 3
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