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Started: 6/20/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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My opponent gets to pick absolutely any topic to debate. The catch: I get to pick which side of the debate to argue for, and my opponent will argue for the opposing side. In my opponent's first round he/she will post what the debate is and what side A and side B will argue for. My opponent can include details like definitions of terms and which side has burden of proof. For my second round I will state which side I will argue for and give my starting debate. After that the debate will continue normally.

I recommend my opponent chooses a debate that he/she is knowledgeable in that he/she is able to argue both sides.


The debate is which is the better programming language, Java or C# ?

Side A will argue that Java is better.
Side B will argue that C# is better.

The burden of proof is shared.
Debate Round No. 1


I will take side A

I personally use Java because C# is nothing special and it can't do low-level. Java is better than C# because Java serves better for Enterprise application than C#. Java has the virtual machine concept which C# does not. C# does have some good features but Java is so much easier to use and it performs better than C#. C# is mostly for Windows while Java is much more acessable and productive. While it's good to know both, Java is more common and better to know.


My opponent states that C# can't do low level, but Java is also a high level programming language, not designed for low level. "Examples of popular high-level programming languages today may include Java..." [2]

C# can be used for enterprise applications just fine. [5] I don't see how Java outperforms it there. If my opponent wants to still claim that Java is better for enterprise applications, he needs to give sources to support it.

Java's Swing API is horrible. [3] C# has delegates [4] and partial classes [6] while Java doesn't. C# has better generics than Java. Java generics are only known at compile time and are unknown at compile time, while C# generics are known at both compile time and runtime. [1]

Debate Round No. 2


My opponent said that Java isn't designed low level but it does work for low level. However, C# is only a medium level programming language and can't perform high level tasks easily. [1] Con said that Java can't be used for enterprise applications but I don't know why because enterprise applications are most commonly done with Java [1]. Java is much easier to learn than C# and it is more widely used.
Saying that Java's swing API is "horrible" is an OPINION that you got from a blog! On top of that, half of your sources were wikipedia so how much of your argument is actually true? C# gives you few choices while when using Java you can use your own creativity. Yes, there are small, insignificant things that C# can do while Java can't. But there are things Java can do that C# can"t as well. Employers almost always require programmers to use Java(because it's better:)) and it is more frequently used. Java is faster than C# which is a huge plus. It is as fast or faster than ay other language because of Java's constant re-optimizing [1]. Google picked Java to use in all Android devices [2], one of the largest mobile phone platforms.
Java is overall much more useful and works better than C#. Good debate con :)
Vote Pro :)



C# is just as high level as Java as they are both object oriented languages.

I never said Java can't be used for enterprise applications, just that it is not better than C# at enterprise applications.

Both C# and Java are easy to learn compared to other programming languages. It could be argued that Java is slightly easier to learn but only because C# has more syntactic sugar to learn, but that same thing also makes C# more powerful. Also Java is not any faster than C#

My opponent argued that my point was an opinion, but this is a debate on "which is better" and better is an opinion, so opinions do matter here. My opponent complained about me mostly citing Wikipedia, while he himself only cited 2 sources, one of which results in a "page not found".

Although Java is currently more popular than C#, C# is quickly growing in popularity. [1]

"But there are things Java can do that C# can"t as well." It would have been helpful if my opponent gave examples.

Debate Round No. 3
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