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Choose the Topic debate!!!

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Started: 12/1/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
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This will be a short topic, with 3 rounds and 6000 characters for each. My opponent needs to give 5 topics, not so serious, and I will choose one in round 2, and make my arguments. Then my opponent makes his arguments, then I make my rebuttals and conclusion, and my opponent makes his rebuttal and conclusion, not defense.



Donald Trump
Putting animals down that hurt people
Reality Family shows are ridiculous
Selfies are too pretentious
Christmas is the best holiday ever
Debate Round No. 1


I choose the topic "Christmas is the best holiday every", and my side is Con for this. Sorry for this, but I forgot to add the rule that I can choose the side, but my opponent chooses the topic, I forgot to write that. If Con objects or whatever, we can make this a tie, and redo the debate with new/other topics. I will make my argument very short because concisness is needed in debates.

I will be showing many reasons how Christmas is not the best holiday every, in the religion side, and the "people like it side."

Argument 1: Religion

I didn't want my arguments to go this, way, but this is the only right way to start. Many people think that Christmas is better, and it is a bigger holiday. But Easter is more important to the Christians [1].

"Many Christians celebrate Easter Sunday as the day of Jesus Christ's resurrection, which is written in the New Testament of the Christian bible. According to the Gospel of John in the New Testament, Mary Magdalene came to the tomb where Jesus was buried and found it empty. An angel told her that Jesus had risen [2]."

Christmas is the celebration of when Jesus Christ was actually born. But it there was no Easter, if Easter didn't exist, Christmas was useless, and not needed and would have no meaning. And someone here [3] summarizes up,

"If the tomb is not empty, the cradle makes no difference. If Jesus did not rise from the dead, then he really is just a misguided Jewish rabbi with delusions of grandeur [3]."

I have shown that actually Easter is better of a holiday than Christmas according to the religion, and what the Christians think, so therefore I already showed that Easter has greater meaning than Christmans, which means it is a better holiday than Christmas.

Argument 2: The things you get

1. Candy

I will be showing that there are other holidays which you can get more things than Christmas. First of all, it is Halloween. Halloween, you can get tons of candy when going in trick-or-treating. You definetly get more candy in Halloween than Christmans because you can't get candy from other's houses in Christmas, when you can in Halloween by trick-or-treating. You do not get the most candy in Christmas, but in Halloween.

This argument will be that other holidays can be in a better mood than Christmas. Thanksgiving, the unique holiday of America, which there were over 110 million households which celebrated Thanksgiving in the US [4]. That has huge numbers, and there is also around 46 million of turkey consumed also [5]. Thanksgiving is a better mood because Christmas is all about singing and the presents, when Thanksgiving is about giving Thanks to all the people in the past, etc. Thanksgiving is in a better mood.

Argument 3: Christmas is about religion

Many countries around the world don't celebrate Christmas because it is a religious holiday of Christians. This is why there are conflicts. However holidays such as Halloween, April Fools Day, there is no religion, and everyone can have fun. Therefore Christmas isn't the best holiday because it can't be enjoyed by everyone.


I have successfully shown that Christmas is not the best holiday, no matter if it is good or not. Of course all holidays are good and special, but Christmas isn't the best. Vote Con. (Or Pro as it shows on the Contender Instignator thing, but my side is Con)


[1] (

[2] (

[3] (

[4] (

[5] (

Thanks for the debate, and Vote me.


yes But see, Christmas would not be useless if there was no Easter because we are celebrating the day he was born. So therefore your point is incorrect. No matter what religion people believe in Christmas is still a celebration. And you get gifts from the belief in a man named Santa and he gets you whatever you want. Now it is not quite like a birthday so don't bring up that because I will prove you wrong. I am not going to go there right now. And thanksgiving is yes, a unique holiday but Christmas is more known. Whether you realize it or not its like April fools and the 4th of July. Which is more known? 4th of July. See where I am going with this.
I have just prove that Christmas is the best holiday and the most celebrated. Thank you for this debate and Vote me.
Debate Round No. 2


I will be making my rebuttals of my opponent's second round. His arguments are very short, so my rebuttal will not go in super length also. They will just be concise.

Without Easter, Christmas will be useless, the birth of Jesus would have no meaning, because then Jesus will be like same as any normal person; he won't be a special person. It's kinda useless, and people won't celebrate a birth, like any other birth, or every single day would be a holiday because another Jack or John was born. Christmas would have no meaning if there was no Easter. Therefore my opponent's point is refuted. My opponent also makes his argument in an opinion, and it is a bare assertion.

"No matter what religion people believe in Christmas is still a celebration." This is totally wrong, people like Muslim, Jews, etc. don't celebrate Christmas because it is a religious holiday. Even some of my classmates don't celebrate Christmas, actually most don't because they aren't Christian. So my opponent is wrong, for them it is not a celebration.

Santa is false. I don't think I need to explain this right now. My opponent says he will prove me wrong, but clearly he won't, and I will make him try to prove me wrong. Who cares if it is more known? It doesn't make it a better holiday; just a holiday which is more celebrated, that's off topic.

Therefore, as I refuted all my opponent's arguments, Vote for me


Yes, good point. But see, even if we had no Easter Christmas would still be a holiday worth celebrating because he did more than just be a normal person. He is not just meant to be celebrated by. I am a her by the way. Believe it or not some Jews like my grandfather do celebrate Christmas and some Muslims like my uncle Jose celebrate Christmas because they respect this particular holiday. Christmas is not just a religious holiday. And when I brought this topic up in the first round you chose to make this religious. I meant it as a childish way of celebrating it.

Santa is not false. It is the belief in him that makes him real. You are just a party pooper because you don't believe in the wonderful short fat man who delivers presents. He may not be a real person but the belief in him makes him alive. I stopped believing in him when I was five because I saw my parents do Santa's job.
Now as I just refitted my last and final argument, I had fun. Thank you for this debate and Vote me.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by fire_wings 2 years ago
That argument is bullsh!t, I really suck about religion because im an athiest.
Posted by ali2223 2 years ago
I hope my opponent will answer soon.
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