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Christian rap battle

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Started: 7/12/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Rap focuses on the Bible

Like Jah-men before i serve you like a bowl of Ramen i say "Amen"
To seal your fate as your kin livin' in sin, a win is not less than my grin
Bombin' the Temple of Jerusalem isn't calmin' the position i'm in
Cuz God will come back to establish his kingdom in a walk-in

The Bible basically says "The wicked hide in shadows, let the righteous walk blameless"
After this, you shall be fameless, your name shall remain nameless
The game is, don't change this, your lameness can't surpass that of purple hayness
Accept the imminent death that'll come for your breath like crystal meth
I'm like Cain, broke Abel, you are replaced by an heir in the line of Seth

So let God do the rest, your put to the test, i don't need a cross on my chest to know that i'm blessed
I come as David with no bullet-proof vest, you come at me with armor n' a crest lest i destroy you in zest
Your kind shall have to commit incest n give breasts to replace the fallen oppressed while your stressed in the mess til you confess that i'm the best

Like Enoch n' Elijah, i call on Jah, not a rasta, put i'll end ya fasta than a human made blasta its such a disasta
The only reason i talk like this is to intimidate you to thinkin i'm cursin' investin' in your condition so that it worsens
I shoot out holy flames, i don't get burned, i make you carry burdens 1 of my diversions to keep you in a mental captivity like under the Egyptians n' Persians
I'm not Jewish, but i believe in 1 God divine, i read many different Bible versions, you watch too many sermons maybe believe in too many urbans, you won't escape to the neurosurgeons
The supernatural damage done to your Psyche shall cause thee to go on a mass suicide spree makin your generation history to the mystery of this lyrical consistency
Bitterly you seek to disrupt my faith lookin' at the Bible to see if it's contradictory


I'll treat you like the pharoah since you seekin truth,/
bring the plagues like Moses since you needin proof,/
smack my staff on the earth and let some creatures loose,/
turn your water blood red like that jesus juice,/
you and your heathen spooks, gone catch the "b" in boot,/
runnin from Jesus Christ and his legion of troops,/
because the season's due, when we seizin you,/
and overturnin everybody in your treason crew,/
and thats the reason few, ride in the car with you,/
they dont wanna be apart of hell's bar-b-que,/
so without further ado, I shall eradicate you,/
send you back to the father, so he can evaluate you,/
calculate fruit, and tabulate goofs,/
add up all your sins and decapitate you,/
plus all of the followers in your treacherous coupe,/
same sentence as the devil and the rest of his group,/
Gods wrath, and one failed swoop/
story of yo life, and your attempts at the truth,/
betta think twice when approaching us Christ-like/
before we have you like gremlins, scared of the notion of bright light,/
an emotional spot light, for souls who aint got right,/
and dont know that the vengeance of the lord is not nice,/
Debate Round No. 1


your choice of lyrics closely mimics mine
guess that means that I can write a rhyme
Bout to show you the light make you go blind
make a brother stumble in a way you can't find

since you talked about Moses, let me give you a history of Israel
you lack the feel of ancient steel so let me show you that it's real
see back in the day, people couldn't write
from the bottom of their hearts, they memorized till they got it right
like what I'm doing right now, killin you in broad daylight to the dead of night
life and death is in the power of the tongue, so I say this battle I've already won
I'm not divine, but I'm your personal father rebuking his own stubborn son
the wicked lady a snarefor the righteous
so come take it from the hands of your waitress
I aint God, but I know your flow doesn't exist
because I move it like the ocean and it doesn't resist
so we going back to the main creation
you should have never mentioned my nation
as if you are going to receive any salvation
deep down inside, you act like a freemason

like Moses, I shall smite you with vengeance
then you will know what it means to beg for repentance
I'll steal the life of your first born, make your head shorn
have your ligaments torn and make you blood sworn
But we both know i must follow the good rabbi
that's why I can't leave you dead exposed in a drive-by
I show compassion on you, next you're going bye bye


Heard me speak about moses, now you mention his name,/
God's wrath is his vengeance, yet you mention the same,/
like the voters wouldnt notice you attemptin the vain/
I'd rather be an heir of seth, than descendant of cain,/
You proclaim the profane, "that our lyrics the same"'/
thats the spirit of the anti-christ doin his thang,/
Takin claim of my words, changed and rearranged,/
like you the one who came up with the thangs I explained,/
thats so lame, and such a shame, souls get slain,/
for being insane, duranged, sons of the estranged,/
pretending they overcame, Yahweh's reign/
enter into heaven's gate, where every wild beast tame,/
and us named, exchange shame for fame,/
honour and God's glory, for tribulation and pain,/
so blame the devil, "to hell!!!" :where yall appointed,/
Debate Round No. 2


You look like you freestylin instead of rap battlin'
You have no style, no swag, your mind rarely paddlin
As Con try to come up with corny lines, i'm draggin' him
I don't even have to try, this guy already did suicide n' died
The minute you pressed accept challenge, you were small fry
Stop yappin', cuz you just made your momma n demons cry

Clearly this kid wants to battle like me, let me give you the situation
Spiritually get in the place where you can lyrically make deliveries, meditation
How the hell are you going to heaven when you fail at rivalries, you an imitation
I'ma recycle one of my lines used last time to show this mime the definition of a rhyme
The Bible says "Let he who is innocent walk blameless"
You sinned when you faced me, now you shall remain nameless
Fameless you lay like a dead carcass, brainless n' in lameness
Won't say i'm Jesus, but i think i did you a favor in leavin you faithless

I overcame temptations while your still in inner trials n' tribulations
Sure hope you can rap better get divine inspiration in the next creation


"The bible says 'Let he who is innocent walk blameless' ",/
its not that line, but your definition of rhyme thats anus,/
aimless, speech confused, its just babel,/
up dung's creek, in a canoe, with no paddle,/
yo words scrabble, in deep thought you dont dabble,/
me, I put on the armour of God for any battle,/
I'm well traveled, well trained, and free from sin/
wherever my lord may send me, I return with a win,/
and in the end, when the judgement begins,/
I wont have to worry 'cause the judge is my friend,/
im disciplined, and at the same time disciple,/
enemy of my lord, makes you and me rivals,/
soul survival, and I can see you 'bout to fail,/
lack of the bible's knowledge gone have you headed to hell,/
losing to me is one thing, as you can already tell,/
but surrendering to Jesus Christ is how you really prevail,/

Lef Illegal
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: The way pro organizes his rhymes is cleaner and con misspelled a few words. Con, however, had a really good flow.

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