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Christianity Is Retarded

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Started: 3/7/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I cautiously welcome my opponent to this debate and warn him not to be offended. (I guess it's a little too late for that now)

First round is acceptance!


Alright, but I will point out that I'm not a "him" per say, however, I will say I wont take anything personally and would ask you to be kind enough to do the same :)
Debate Round No. 1


Christianity is retarded because it is based on the Bible, which is nothing more than a fairy-tale.

1. Prophecies

The Bible is like your neighborhood tarot card reader; it makes a bunch of predictions that fail, then brags about the one that didn't.

For example, in 2 Peter 3, Peter claims “scoffers” will come and deny Noah's Flood and the Creation story. Obviously, nobody is “scoffing” at Noah's Flood, so this is bunk.

Then in Ezekiel 11:17 & 28:25, and Jeremiah 30:3, “God” makes the absurd prediction that the Jews will one day return to Israel and reclaim it as their own: another bust.

2. Acts of God

Remember all those amazing things the Old Testament describes God doing? Like parting a sea so people could cross, sending plagues to the Egyptians, and wiping out the perverted cities of Soddam & Gomorrah with fire?

Why don't we see any of that kind of stuff today? Oh yeah, because those types of things never happened in real life. I might change my mind if God, like, sent a plague to wipe out gays or something.

3. Science

This one is simple: the Bible is easily disproved by science. For example, scientists have used the Scientific Method to prove people evolved from apes and all life shares a common ancestor. I'd like to see some “Young Earth” quack make a valid scientific prediction and have it actually come true.

Also, Science has conclusively proven that a human embryo is not a person, yet most of Christianity (the Catholics) call this clump of tissue a person and even say it's murder to kill it!

4. Cannibalism

Ok this beef is mostly with Catholics (but I feel it's a valid point since most of Christianity is Catholic anyways). They say Jesus was talking in analogy when he said to eat his body and drink his blood, but if Catholics would actually read the Bible verses, they'd see that Jesus clarified it was just a parable and he wasn't really promoting vampirism.

Good luck to my opponent. SHe'll need it!



Okay, just to start off with, you shouldn't be calling this debate 'Christianity is Retarded', a more appropriate title would be Christianity is false/not true/fake etc, because if something is 'retarded' it is "less advanced in mental, physical or social development than is usual for ones age" Some people could honestly take offense to you slinging the word 'retarded' like that

Second, you're first statement that "Christianity is retarded because it is based on the Bible, which is nothing more than a fairy-tale." Is absolutely ridiculous as you have absolutely nothing to prove that the Bible is a fairytale, the Bible is a historical account of the times before, during and a little after the time of a man Jesus, the Christ. Even if you do not wish to accept the Bible as historical accounts, it's Aldo spiritual scripture, just like the Hindu's Bible, Which are the accounts of their explanations and teachings of the world etc, you can't really discredit it entirely just on the basis you don't agree with it.

Now, let me make this clear, there's a big difference between science and religion, a religion is a faith, a belief in something or someone, with that said whether the Christian faith in God can be scientifically proven doesn't really mean much, if you believe, you believe, simply as that, its like how when you were a child and believed in magic or pixie's etc, even though science couldn't prove it it didn't mean that you necessarily stopped believing. Religion is a faith, a belief, so science isn't necessarily important for proving it 'real'

Now, just to give you a different perspective on the Bible and science, the bible obviously won't make any sense if you take it completely literally, for example the creation story, where God created the world in 7 days. Of course, the theory of the Big Bang debunked the 7 day creation, obviously. But take this into consideration, look at each day comprising of roughly a hundred billion years, the big bang and the biblical creation story fall into sync.
Why didn't they say a hundred billion years?
Easy, way back when Genesis was written, people wouldn't have known such a large scale number, so they wrote it over a length of time that made sense them, which was a day.
Another thing I just want to point too, is that if humans evolved from a primate (monkey for example) why are we not evolving? Why are primates or other species not still evolving? Why did evolution just, stop?

This a little tricky, but basically, it boils down to greed. Non believers will ask for large miracles to prove Gods existence, they're really, most usually, testing Gods power, the miracles that God made in the Old and New Testament, they were asked of God by devote believers in times of serious trouble. And besides, considering they're aren't armies of people pursuing and trying to murder Christians, a grand scale miracle in that sense isn't really necessary. However, and I can personally say through my own experience, miracles do happen, whether you believe them to be a work of God or mere coincidence is up to you individually.

As for abortion, yes, an embryo is a clump of tissue, but it has the genetics makings of a human being, you were once a clump of tissue in your mother's womb, so obviously that clump of tissue is quite important. So why wouldn't it be murder? Its the developing form of a human child, terminating an embryo is ending its life, isn't that killing it?

And I really don't know what you're trying to prove with your cannibalism claim, so it'd be appreciated if you were clearer.

Christianity is a belief, a faith, people can choose if they believe or not. You don't like it, don't join it, simple as that.
Debate Round No. 2


GarretKadeDupre forfeited this round.


Spickle forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


GarretKadeDupre forfeited this round.


Spickle forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Sagey 6 years ago
@ MerciS: Trouble is with all the other documents that have referred to Jesus Christ is that they are all decades after his death, thus no direct contemporary witness to the Life of Jesus there neither.

Every single document in existence that refers to Jesus Christ are from Hearsay evidence, nothing contemporary to his life exists, nor any documents that can be proven to have direct witness input can be found.

There are absolutely no Historically Accurate accounts of Jesus's life anywhere.

All the Gospels are from Oral Tradition, not from Oral History, as they were written over 20 years after his death and for Oral History to be accurate, it needs to be recorded within hours or days of the event.
Oral Tradition is only an account of the cultural influence of Jesus, not actual accurate dates, times and description of events. This is all the Gospels are, Tradition, not history, thus they are not proof of the actual life of Jesus.

The others, Tacitus, Josephus, Pliny, etc.... Were all written more than 40 years after the death of Jesus, where the average life expectancy was 45 years. So not one of these later records of Jesus were recorded during the life of Jesus Christ, they are all composed from Hearsay of The Legend Of Jesus, and not attestations nor verification of the actual Life of Jesus Chrsit.

As historical evidence for Jesus, all external and internal references to Jesus Christ are completely Worthless.
Posted by Sagey 6 years ago
Well, if those scientists that are currently studying the unusual warp in our universe do prove that it is caused by interference from another universe, that will be reasonable proof of my claim that we are in an infinite space with many other universes. We know that entire galaxies and possibly large portions of universes can be absorbed into black holes of seemingly infinite mass, and it is likely they have a critical mass, that if breached, such as by two black holes trying to draw each other together, could theoretically create such a phenomenon as a Big Bang. There are a number of known black holes that are under observation, though they are small and may not reach a critical mass for a few billion years, though in deep space, there are possibly an infinite number of black holes at or near critical mass.

Though we may never prove this, it is a highly probable, rational theory.
It is INFINITELY more probable and RATIONAL than the Creation Myth!
Posted by MerciS 6 years ago
@kingcaine other historical documents have referred to Christ besides the Bible
Posted by kingcaine 6 years ago
@sagey, you can't prove the existence of other universes or how black holes came about any more than Christians can't prove that Christ is real. So according to your logic, the fact that you can't substantiate "an endless cycle of exploding unstable or colliding black holes" or the fact that "we are just another of an infinite number of universes both currently existing and that have existed in the past", must make your argument false.
Posted by Sagey 6 years ago
The Black holes came from previous universes.

It appears to be an endless cycle of exploding unstable or colliding black holes into forming universes which eventually collapse into localized black holes due to gravitational attraction of the bodies.

We are just another of an infinite number of universes both currently existing and that have existed in the past.
Deep space is infinite, so there can be an infinite number of universes without any universes being aware of an other.
Though some cosmologists believe there is another universe close to our own that is causing distortion of our universe according to their measurements.

Hope this is not too hard to fathom, as I find it hard to express it more simply.

Apart from that There is possibly many, many universes out there in space, some collapsing into black holes and black holes colliding and creating more Big Bangs and thus new universes.
Posted by MerciS 6 years ago
Im only 16 so could u use smaller words lol i got none of that...and where did the forces and black holes come from???
Posted by Sagey 6 years ago
If you know about Evolution, it never works like that.
Monkeys don't become Human, we only divided from a common ancestor or Pre-Monkey.
That took millions of years and the genetic traits that we sprang from with our larger brains also presents us with more problems than monkeys have.
Monkeys have better resistance to genetic variations and genetic diseases like cancers than we do.
They have very strong gene methylation which controls genetic expression which stops the monkeys from becoming hominids.
The creature that both Monkeys and Hominids sprang from had somehow lost it's ability to suppress genetic expression and we hominids haven't got very strong suppression of genetic expression which lends us to being more prone to cancers.
We also bred with Neanderthals and they are blaming Neanderthal genes for our prevalence of diabetes.
Humans are more likely to evolve into something else with our lack of genetic suppression than monkeys.
And the forces emanating from the Big Bang created everything, not nothing created everything.
Nobody knows what created the Big Bang, some think it may have been a collision of black holes.
Posted by MerciS 6 years ago
Why come moneys aren't in different stages of turning into humans...other accounts of history and ancient relics refers to the Bible or of Jesus...yet there isn't anything PROVING the big bang or evolution...why is it so hard to believe that somebody created something instead of nothing creating everything???
Posted by progressivedem22 6 years ago
I have no problem with outside-of-the-box thinking. But I honestly don't think there's a way to parse his position. Frankly, I don't even know what it is. And there I was thinking that I'm unsure as to my religious affiliation hahaha.
Posted by Sagey 6 years ago
Hmm Progressive, it only shows Garret is a bit of a Chameleon and thinks outside the box.
I'm not that flexible.
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Reasons for voting decision: Obvious win. Pro simply copy pasted from his previous debate, and did not uphold his resolution. Because of such, con won. He has superior arguments and proved that Christianity is not retarded.

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