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Christianity is Astrological

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Started: 3/25/2020 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 week ago Status: Voting Period
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It is our purpose to present the evidences showing that a system of Astral worship, Which we designate as Jewish Christianity, Was in existence more than two centuries and a half before the institution of its modern form. In verification of this assertion we must find the initial point of our inquiry in ancient history, Which teaches that in the division of the Grecian Empire among his generals, After the death of Alexander the Great, Who died 332 years before the beginning of our era, The governorship of Egypt and adjacent provinces was secured by Ptolemy Lagus, Or Soter, Who, Having subsequently suppressed a revolt in Judea, Removed from that country a large body of its inhabitants to people the new city of Alexandria, Which had been laid out by order of and named after the great Conqueror.

The Egyptian version of the Gospel story, Being more appropriate to the Nile Valley than to the region from whence they came, The Greek colonists of Alexandria adopted it, But preferring to pay homage to Serapis, One of the ninth incarnations of God Sol, Which they imported from Pontus, A Greek province of Asia Minor, They erected to his worship that celebrated temple known as the Grand Serapium; and, Transferring the culture and refinement of Greece to the new city, It became, Under the Ptolemian dynasty, A great seat of learning; the arts and sciences flourished, An immense library was collected, The various forms of Astral worship were represented and schools for the dissemination of the several phases of Grecian philosophy and Oriental Gnosticism were founded.

Such being the environment of the Jewish residents of Alexandria, They soon acquired the vernacular and adopted the religion of the Greeks, Who, Having ever attached to their incarnate saviours the title signifying the Christ, Or the anointed, Were known as Christians. Encouraged by the liberal policy of Philadelphus, The second Ptolemy, A body of their learned men, Who had been educated in the Greek schools, Founded a college for the education of their own people, Which institution was ultimately known as the University of Alexandria. Under the auspices of Philadelphus the professors of that institution rendered their Hebrew sacred records into the Greek language, Which translation is known as the Septuagint, Or Alexandrian version of the Old Testament.

Having acquired from the Egyptian astrologers the arts of healing, Thaumaturgy and necromancy, And teaching them in their school, The professors of the Jewish college of Alexandria assumed the title of Essenes, Or Therapeutae, The Egyptian and Greek words signifying Doctors, Healers or Wonder Workers. Possessed of the sad and gloomy characteristics of their race, They adopted the "Contemplative Life, " or asceticism of the Oriental Gnosticism, From which they derived the name of Ascetics. Founding a church for the propagation of their peculiar tenets, Those who were set apart for the ministry assumed the title of Ecclesiastics. Inculcating rigid temperance and self-denial among their people, They were known as Enchratites, Nazarites or Abstainers; and the more devout among them retiring to monasteries, Or to the solitude of caves and other secluded places, Were also designated as Monks, Cenobites, Friars, Eremites, Hermits or Solitaries.

The time having arrived, According to the cyclic teachings of Astral worship, For the manifestation of the tenth and last incarnation of God Sol, Or, In other words, To, Give a new name to the mythical genius of the sun, The professors of the Jewish school of Alexandria is resolved to inaugurate their own form of worship. While retaining the same title under which they had paid homage to Serapis and known as Christians, Essenes or Therapeutae, They substituted for their Christ the name of the Grecian Bacchus, Which, Composed of the letters ]3;[9;]1;, Signifies Yes, Ies or Jes. In composing their version of the Gospel story, Having, Like their race, No inventive genius, They appropriated that of Serapis as its basis and laid its scene in the land of their ancestry, But inconsistently retained the sign of the cross and the phraseology connected there with, Which, Having special reference to the Nile River and its annual inundation, Had no application whatever to the sterile land of Judea. Selecting what they conceived to be the best from other versions of the Gospel story, And assuming the title of Eclectics, They designated their system as the Eclectic Philosophy. In proof of the eclectic character of the Gospel and Epistles of ancient Christianity, We refer to the Asceticism inculcated therein, Which, Derived from the Oriental Gnosticism, We find perpetuated in the scriptures of modern Christianity; we also refer to the miracle of converting water into wine, Taken from the Gospel story of Bacchus, And to the statements that the Saviour was the son of a carpenter and was hung between two thieves, Copied from the story of Christna, The Eighth, Avatar of the East Indian astrolatry. Thus we see that, Although the scene of the Gospel story of ancient Christianity was laid in the land of Judea, Its authors having adopted a Greek version of that story as its basis, Given a Greek title and name to their Messiah, Perpetuated a Greek name for their sect and quoted exclusively from the Septuagint, Or Greek version of the Old Testament, The facts show conclusively that it was not Jews of Judea, But Hellenized Jews of Alexandria, Who were the real authors of the ancient Christianity.

http://www. Solarmythology. Com/books/hill/astralworship. Htm#JEWISH


This disagrees with almost all historians, Who would say Jesus was a real historical person. Tacticus mentions Jesus being executed by Pontius Pilate in Annals and Josephus (a Jew) mentions Jesus in Jewish Antiquities. And how come the Bible never gives an indication that Jesus wasn"t historical, Paul, Peter, And all the other apostles never once indicate it, Nor do the historical accounts of non-biblical figures who wrote on early Christianity. And there are no similarities between Jesus and a sun god that would lead one to think that this is what He is based on. The gods typically brought up as precursors to Jesus such a Horus have many problems, For example Horus is a popular one, But he did not have a virgin birth (his mother took his father"s sperm out of his dead body and impregnated herself or in other versions had sex with his father while both were still in their mother"s womb) he was not born on dec. 25. Other population ones that do not hold up are Baal who died and rose with the crop cycles, Not at all like Jesus and Mithras who cannot die and was born of a rock (not on dec. 25). And the early church fathers were not Gnostics as Christian Gnosticism did not arise until long after Jesus"s death and Gnostics still believed in a Historical Jesus. And as far as I can tell from research the Essenes had nothing to do with magic healing.
Debate Round No. 1


Pontious Pilate is a constellation

Pilate means "armed with a spear" which is a reference to the constellation of Sagittarius, The constellation that appeared in December during that time. The constellation is a man with a spear and from the sky it looks like he is stabbing the sun in the side, Like what the Roman soldier did to jesus, Stabbing him in the side.

Judas is the scorpion who betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of solver, Silver is the moon. The Moon controls the night and arrests Jesus to give him to the spear man who sent him to death.

The Sun then dies on the constellation Crux, And on April 3rd, 33 AD, It is proven that the planets and Uranus, Which was though as a star at the time aligned in a cross on the winter solstice where the sun it at it's weakest

The sun resurrects three days later on December 25th and is reborn. The story is circular.

I agree, Horus is not Jesus but I never made that claim-stick to the debate topic


The word Pilate relates to javelins not spears, Javelins were weapons that were light and meant to be thrown, A spear would be held and thrusted forward. And Pontius Pilate is mentioned in historical accounts and records, What would this have to do with stars, And if this is to do with stars what prevents me from saying Alexander was a astral figure who represents the sun conquering all the star in the morning like Alexander defeated many cities and nations. Sagittarius is an archer, He holds a bow and arrow not a spear. What about a scorpion indicates betrayal like that of Judas. And if the moon is supposed to represent silver, How can it also rule the night? And the sun doesn"t die, Even if it is weakened, There is not a parallel with a resurrection. And I could just as easily say the stars are telling the story of Jesus because the a god made it that way, At least then it would explain the historical evidence. And the thing about Horus and other gods was because you said Jesus was based on a sun god, So I was showing that other attempts at parallels between Jesus and other gods are incoherent. And there is still no parallels between Jesus and the sun (in fact some thought of the sun as an object that gods held up). And can you provide sources for your claims about constellations because I can not find any.
Debate Round No. 2


The constellation Sagittarius is pilate, He has a spaer/javelin/arrow to stab and send the sun to death, Look at a star constellation

https://staratlas. Com/

Go to this website and click the time and go to December 21, You will see that the sun is being shot in the sky by the javelin guy or Sagittarius, This is not a coincidence.

Sagittarius is either a spear man or a arrow man, It is the same thing

More evidence it is astrological

As we enter the season of Autumn the leaves fall from the trees and the trees appear to wither. It is at this point in the story that Jesus is said to curse the fig tree and make it wither, A story which makes no sense if Jesus were a real person, But it makes perfect sense when understood as an allegory. It is simply Autumn, And Jesus, The Sun, Who makes the seasons pass, Causes the leaves to fall from the trees

The Jesus story goes tragically downhill from there, Just like in the season of Autumn the year tragically winds down and comes to an end as the days become short and cold. In October the Sun enters Scorpio, The Scorpion, Which figuratively stings the Sun to make it slowly die. The days begin to get shorter and colder as the Sun rises lower and lower each day.

In the Jesus story Jesus is betrayed by Judas, One of the twelve zodiac months of the year. Judas represents Scorpio, The month of October. Judas betrays Jesus for 30 pieces of silver, Representing the 30 days of the month. The month being one cycle of the phases of the moon. The moon, A piece of silver in the sky.

Jesus is handed over to Herod " a personification of Night. Herod, Or the darkness of Night, Is taking over Jesus, The Sun, As the days get shorter and shorter in Autumn and darkness begins to reign.

Birth of Jesus

The Players
Jesus " The Sun. Comparative Religion shows that all the ancient religions were forms of sun worship. The story of Jesus is just another allegorical personification of the sun as will be shown here.

Herod " Night; Darkness. We have seen in the lecture on Night how Darkness is the original evil. The ancient religious stories personified the evil Darkness and gave it names. In this case the name for Darkness is Herod.

Darkness reigns supreme at night until overpowered by the rising sun in the morning. The sun rising in the morning is figuratively a form of the sun being born. Just before the sun rises all the stars disappear. Figuratively this is Darkness trying to save itself by killing all the stars. What better way to keep things dark than to kill all those little points of light. But Darkness fails to kill the sun. The sun rises, Overpowering the Darkness, The darkness dies, And its reign is ended.

There is no historical record of this mass infanticide slaughter ever actually happening or being ordered. It never really happened on Earth. Our whole story takes place in the starry night sky. Paul says, "For our conversation is in heaven [i. E. The stars above] from whence also we look for the Saviour [the Sun], The Lord Jesus Christ. " (Philippians 3:20)

The Three Magi or Wise Men " The three bright stars in the belt of Orion, Which rise in the East just as the Sun sets in the West. These three stars travel across the sky at night and eventually set in the West at dawn. It's as if the stars were following the Sun, Looking for it.

Bethlehem " Literally "house of bread", Referring to the zodiac house of Virgo the eternal celestial virgin.

Star of Bethlehem " planet Venus, Which is always seen near the sun.

Joseph " the constellation Bootes, Which is next to Virgo, The virgin.


After Jesus [the Sun] was born in Bethlehem [literally "house of bread". The zodiac house of Virgo. Thus "After the sun has moved out of Virgo"] in Judea during the time of King Herod [during the night], Magi from the east [the three stars in the belt of Orion which rise in the east] came to Jerusalem [the starry night sky] and asked, "Where is the one who has been born king of the Jews? [where is the Sun? ] We saw his star [the Sun's "star" is the bright planet Venus, Which is always seen near the Sun] when it rose in the east [the Sun and its star always rise in the east] and have come to worship him. " [Since Jesus is a personification of the Sun this shows the whole religion was originally about Sun worship. ]

When King Herod [night] heard this he was disturbed, [night is worried there is a Sun that will rise (be born) and conquer him. ] and all Jerusalem with him. When he had called together all the people's chief priests and teachers of the law, He asked them where the Christ [the Sun] was to be born. [Note the use of the word "Christ" here to refer to Jesus. This betrays the late origin of the text. ] "In Bethlehem in Judea, " they replied, "for this is what the prophet has written:

[Following is a garbled quote of Micah 5:2 This is an attempt to tie this new story with the established Jewish stories, Which are also astrological. However, The quote isn't exact, Indicating the writer isn't familiar with the original Hebrew but is instead using a poor Greek translation of the original Hebrew. (Note that Judah is not the same as Judea. )]

"But you, Bethlehem, In the land of Judah,
are by no means least among the rulers of Judah;
for out of you will come a ruler
who will be the shepherd of my people Israel. "

Then Herod [night] called the Magi [astronomers] secretly and found out from them the exact time the star [Venus] had appeared. He sent them to Bethlehem [the house of Virgo] and said, "Go and make a careful search for the child [see if the Sun is in Virgo]. As soon as you find him, Report to me, So that I too may go and worship him. "

After they had heard the king, They went on their way, And the star they had seen in the east went ahead of them until it stopped over the place where the child was [the Sun rises in the east, And sets in the west]. When they saw the star, They were overjoyed [seeing the Sun is always nice]. On coming to the house [the zodiac house of Virgo], They saw the child [the Sun] with his mother Mary [Virgo], And they bowed down and worshiped him. Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold and of frankincense and of myrrh. [Gold is bright and shiny like the Sun. The scent of frankincense when burned was considered by the ancient people to be evidence of God on Earth. ] And having been warned in a dream not to go back to Herod, They returned to their country by another route. [The three bright stars in the belt of Orion return to their starting point by setting in the west and going under the earth back to their starting point, Thus returning by another route. ]


When they had gone, An angel of the Lord appeared to Joseph in a dream. "Get up, " he said, "take the child and his mother and escape to Egypt. [Egypt is the underworld, Below the horizon. Hence the Sun, Along with the constellation Virgo (Mary) and Bootes (Joseph) sets at the end of the day and goes below the horizon. ] Stay there until I tell you, For Herod [night] is going to search for the child [the Sun] to kill him. "

[Thus begins the common motif of a prophesied child (the Sun) who threatens the reign of a ruling monarch (darkness). ]

So he [the constellation Bootes (Joseph)] got up, Took the child [the Sun] and his mother [Virgo (Mary)] during the night [this is when the story takes place] and left for Egypt [went below the horizon], Where he stayed until the death of Herod [Herod "dies" when the Sun rises in the east the next morning].

[The Sun sets, Along with the constellations Bootes and Virgo, And it is night time. They all stay underneath the earth (Egypt) until sunrise, When the Darkness of Night (Herod) will die. ]

And so was fulfilled what the Lord had said through the prophet: "Out of Egypt I called my son. " ["Out from under the world the Sun will rise. " This is an attempt to tie this story with the established Jewish stories, Which are also astrological. ]


A spear javelin and arrow are three completely different weapons, Anyone can make generalizations like this to prove his or her point. And there is no direct parallels that can be drawn between the sun and Jesus (fig trees wilting is pushing non relevance) if we are to take a astrological approach Jesus would be better represented by Leo (lion of Judah, Lion and the lamb) and Leo comes before Virgo (Mary) his mother. And any historical evidence indicating that these stories are historical leaves this hypothesis useless, And there are many historical records documenting the existence of Jesus, Pontius Pilate, And Bethlehem (and 99% of scholars would agree). And if twelve zodiac signs are twelve disciples it doesn"t make sense that the sun passes through them one at a time, The disciples would always be with Jesus. There are polemics against sun worshipping in the Old Testament, With Jesus claimed to believe in, So how then would he ask to be worshipped if He is the sun. There are many parables and miracles that do not fit in with this idea so they must be based on something else, Perhaps history. And you have taken Philippians 3:20 out of context, It clearly speaks of the supernatural heaven. And many apostles were in occupations that don"t fit this narrative (and how does Herod equal night). This just takes things and forces the. Into stars.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Marshallah 1 week ago

It proves that Christianity is not true, It is space myths to put it bluntly
Posted by anc2006 1 week ago
"Christianity is Astrological"

Is this good or bad?
Posted by Marshallah 1 week ago
people have been observing this LONG beofore zeitgeist
Posted by Mutantmassecre 1 week ago
So is this basically the views of the zeitgeist movie
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