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Christianity was the main reason for the fall of the Roman Empire

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Started: 3/11/2018 Category: Religion
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Although i would not negate the other reasons played some role but none of those reasons could have completely erased the empire itself. Constantine brought Christianity a new ,well some call it a religion i would take the liberty to call it a hoax. It created an intolerant division with intent of deleting divisions. After Christianity was adopted it was impossible to integrate foreign tribes as it was previously possible, with their Gods and traditions being added to Roman. The population concentrated more onto the next life, rather than current one, so people didn't really care about preserving the empire as much as they cared for salvation of their souls, transferring their ultimate loyalty from the empire/Rome to God/heaven. A lot of previous wisdom was seen as filthy pagan devil work, which caused a scientific stagnation, which culminated in dark ages.


Christianity was not the fall if the Roman Empire, rather it was the change in where the capital was located. That is how the Roman Empire fell apart.
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Creating Constantinople was a mistake i agree but if you remember this was done by the first christian emperor of rome Constantine. And i would also include some more points to make you see reason. I know the empire fell long after the birth of Christianity BUT it is also true that if you pay attention to roman history everything started going downhill after the conversion of the empire. Military expenditure and research was reduced if not halted completely instead the empire was more focused on converting the populace and building Giant churches all over the place. The Christians had no loyalty or concern for the empire instead they were loyal to their new God. The decisions and jurisdiction of the empire was concerned about the moral values of being a christian rather than taking practical steps.
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