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Christmas (Pro) vs Easter (Con)

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Started: 3/6/2017 Category: Society
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Do not accept if you're going to argue about which holiday has more significance as I will definitely agree that Easter is the more significant holiday in Christian dogma. This is a fun debate as to which is the better holiday from a secular perspective. No particular format. Just go with the flow.


I think that easter is better for the children since they get more candy and they may get to play around more on easter when they are trying to find the eggs. So i think easter has more significance
Debate Round No. 1


There are 3 main reasons why Christmas is better than Easter:
1) You get presents on Christmas! Children may get candy on Easter but it's safe to say Christmas presents outweigh Easter candy by a land slide. People get very excited for the presents, white elephant gift exchange, etc during Christmas season. About children getting lots of candy on Easter, ever heard of Halloween?

2) Christmas is full of holiday spirit. Decorations, shopping, presents, you name it, when December hits, it's truly a wonderful and pleasant time for everyone. Christmas is a huge holiday prepared by some for months prior whereas Easter goes by like a quick flash. Besides, Christmas is celebrated by billions of people, Christian and non-Christian alike whereas Easter has a smaller fan club.

3) We get more days off during Christmas. During Christmas 2016 in Canada, we got 11 days off school (excluding weekends) whereas Easter is always 2 days off (excluding weekends) for Good Friday and Easter Monday. I presume it's similar in the United States and wherever else they celebrate Christmas.

These are the top 3 reasons Christmas is better than Easter.


Reasons why Easter can be better that Christmas
1. Its cheaper, Christmas some people are paying hundreds if not thousands of dollars for all the presents in Easter you only need to get Easter eggs with candy in them

2. Less preparation, Christmas it takes much longer to prep than Easter that because of the decorations, Easter gives people a break on decorations since there is not as many

3. Gets people playing outside, in Christmas people are in the house because its cold however in Easter its spring so kids play outside more to get exercise

The next round i will present my rebuttal to the opponents case
Debate Round No. 2


In this round, I will refute the arguments made by my opponent in the last round.

1. Not necessarily. Some people CHOOSE to spend lots of money on Christmas but there is obviously no compulsion. And presents are a lot better than candy because not everyone likes candy and it's usually the kids that enjoy Easter the most. However, Christmas presents are for everyone including children and adults. Most kids are more excited for Christmas anyways as it's a time of giving and receiving. As for candy, I can assure that kids get much more candy on Halloween than Easter.

2. Decorating is not a bad thing. I know a lot of people (including myself) who love setting up Christmas decorations. The whole point of decorations is to get into the holiday mood and enjoy the festive lights and ornaments. Easter doesn't give you a break from decorating because you're not decorating the whole year. On the other hand, Christmas does give you a break from having a plain and lame house and fills it with beautiful lights and decorations.

3. Again, it depends on the type of person. Some people like to play in the snow while others like to play in the sun. It's all personal preference. Besides, playing outside doesn't really have much to do with Easter. You don't need to particularly celebrate Easter to play outside during the spring. This argument could be made for any holiday that is celebrated during the spring time not just Easter.

Looking forward to my opponent's response to my initial arguments.


This is my rebuttle to (Pro) arguments

1. You can get presents on Easter as well depending on where you celebrate it for and what the significance is too it. Kids get excited for the candy that they find and unlike Christmas you don't really know what's in the egg since it may be mysterious. What I've personally done before is get really big eggs and hide them for children and inside can be something that is useful and not just candy like a gameboy or a cheap toy that kids like. At younger ages kids play with toys more than other expensive things like Xbox one or the PS4. So Easter can be considered a child's holiday.

2. So (Pro) argument is that since more people celebrate Christmas then it's better however the (Pro) argument is an appeal to popularity fallacy Description: Using the popularity of a premise or proposition as evidence for its truthfulness. This is a fallacy which is very difficult to spot because our "common sense" tells us that if something is popular, it must be good/true/valid, but this is not so, especially in a society where clever marketing, social and political weight, and money can buy popularity.

Logical Form:

Everybody is doing X.
Therefore, X must be the right thing to do.
So (Pro) has commited a fallacy in his argument now this doesn't mean he is wrong yes there is a lot more Christmas spirit than "Easter spirit" but it doesn't make Christmas any better since it would be based on its popularity and not it objectively being better than Easter.

3. This argument is purely based on the country you live in I live in the United States and we get a whole week off for Easter (spring break) but we do get more Christmas time off but that's not because of Christians itself but because we have New Years right after Christmas so it shouldn't be considered a (Christmas holiday) rather it's more reasonable that it's (half Christmas and half New Years holiday)

That is my rebuttle to (Pro) main arguments. Next round I will present a counter-rebuttle (response to opponent rebuttle) then a closing statement
Debate Round No. 3


In this round, I will respond to the arguments made by my opponent in the previous round

1. You can get presents on Easter just as you can get presents on any day. However, it is not a traditional Easter custom to give presents. Secondly, Con said what's in the Easter egg is mysterious. I would disagree as most people know that Easter eggs have candy. On the other hand, people can get virtually ANYTHING on Christmas thus making it more fun and exciting. And I agree, Easter is a child's holiday. Christmas however is a holiday for EVERYONE.

2. It's not that Christmas is better because most people celebrate it. Most people celebrate Christmas because it is better than Easter. My opponent failed to understand that more people celebrating Christmas is evidence that it's better.

3. Now my opponent just started straight up lying. You DO NOT get a week off for Easter in the United States. I know this because I myself have lived in the United States my entire life and we get 2 days off for Good Friday and Easter Monday. I think my opponent is confusing Easter Break with March/Spring Break which has nothing to do with Easter. As for my opponent's argument that Christmas Break is longer because of New Year's: it's still longer regardless. Even we didn't get days off for New Year, we would still end up with more than a week days off (excluding weekends). Anyhow, it's still Christmas Break and we get many more days off for Christmas.

I think I made a fair case as to why Christmas is better than Easter. I think you should vote for me because I have given substantial evidence to support my claim.


In this final round I plan to give a short response to my opponents claims then give my final closing statement.

1. I agree that you get more presents on Christmas Day however like I said in my original argument most of the time people spend more money on Christmas than Easter so if your a cheapskate then Easter would be a better and easier holiday to celebrate than Christians since most of the time Easter is far more cheaper than Christmas ever is.

2. Again my opponent has committed the popularity fallacy just because more people celebrate Christmas it's not evidence that it's better it's just more traditional in the sense that families have done it throughout generations. There are more Muslims than Hindus does that make Islam any better than Hinduism? Of course not since that argument can be applied to anything that's why making arguments based on popularity is considered a fallacy.

3. When I was speaking about the week off I was talking about the time kids get off of school since they get the longest breaks and I say this because holidays are very fun for children and it can effect how society looks at holidays. When it comes to adults it's based on the workplace and city or country you live in. There are many people that have to work on Christmas and Easter so really this cannot be an argument in support of Christmas or Easter being better. I apologize if I never made that point in the last round of this debate but it's true. Many people work on Christmas and Easter.

So we have seen why (Pro) arguments are fundamentally flawed and none of his arguments actually show why Christmas is objectively better than Easter. I've shown you reasons why Easter can be considered better than Christmas it's all based on what people want to spend there money on and what there traditions are. I'm not trying to attack Christmas I celebrate Christmas ever year however I believe that all holidays should be treated equally what I mean is that there should never be 1 holiday that dominates all the other holidays. It makes me upset when I see Christmas decorations on sell in stores 3 months before December even starts. I believe that all holidays have significance in our lives and we should respect all of them. I hope you enjoyed reading this debate and I hope that you can come to a rational decision on who you vote for. Thank you for reading and have fun voting :)
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 3 years ago
Christmas fun all month!
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