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Cigarettes should be illegal

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Started: 11/3/2016 Category: Health
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I think cigarettes should be illegal because they destroy your lungs and they give cancer. They kill off beautiful people who couldnt quit. it is awful because it affects those around us too. They breath in the smoke and sometimes get it just as bad as the smoker.


I wanna thank my opponent for picking this topic on cigarette ban.I look forward for a nice debate.

Yes cigarettes do cause cancer,and destroy your lungs.I must ask there are a lot of things that can give you cancer. Alcohol for example shows evidence of head and neck cancer,Esophageal cancer,Liver cancer,and much more.

If we ban smoking that is not gonna stop people from smoking.If we ban smoking millions of people will still smoke cigarettes.If we ban smoking it will just be another illegal drug selling in black markets and in illegal ways.Smokers will just find ways to attain cigarettes.

A ban on cigarettes will make America lose money. The federal government excises at least 8 billion dollars on cigarettes. Continent stores sells at least 438 thousand dollars just only on cigarettes. There is about 145 thousand convenient stores in the US.

There are no strong evidence that second hand smoking exist. Gerry Silvestri of Medical University of South Carolina and member of the National Cancer Institute"s Screening and Prevention Board. Says "What this study basically showed is what people kind of knew already: At low passive exposures the risk is not that great," While that"s good news, it shouldn"t stop anyone from saying, I don"t want to be a in a bar or any place else with someone who is smoking.

Banning cigarettes meaning banning cigarettes on private places such as bars,restaurants,and houses.The restaurant owners has every right to choose to let people smoke in there private business.Same apply to bars,and yes the house people owns.

This is why cigarettes should not be illegal.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes that is all very true. But if it is illegal it will reduce the number of smokers and therefore lowering the number of deaths. Cigarettes nearly killed my father and if they where illegal he wouldn't be getting into them in the first place.


I wanna offer my sincere condolences to my opponents father. I will use this round to refute my opponent.

"But if it is illegal it will reduce the number of smokers and therefore lowering the number of deaths".I agree on if you ban cigarettes it will cause less deaths but you can ban anything that can risk human life.Again such as alcohol if we ban alcohol there will be less deaths and car accidents.Same thing if we ban stairs we can reduce deaths by falling on stairs.Also if you ban cigarettes there may be less smokers but they will find other ways to attain cigarettes.If we put a ban on cigarettes it will just be another illegal drugs that will fund the criminal empire.

"Cigarettes nearly killed my father and if they where illegal he wouldn't be into them in the first place".I dont wanna be rude and very very much mean so I hope I dont offend my opponent.If you smoke cigarettes you made the individual choice and like a lot of things you made a bad choice that possibly have him almost killed.Personal responsibility plays a role in the play.Cocaine for example has been banned but it hasn't stopped people from using it and overdosing on it.

I await for my opponents next argument.
Debate Round No. 2


yes but don't the lives we save count? Every life counts and we can get rid of dangers one by one although I don't know about the stairs. If we save the lives of those who smoke they can contribute to saving more and more lives. What about the firefighter who died of smoke, not the smoke of fire, but of a cigarette?


I wanna thank my opponent for this debate and hope we have fun doing so.

Smoking is a individual choice that someone makes that is considered a risk.Our actions either if it is smoking,drinking,eating,or getting a tan will give us a chance we will die.Nobody is pointing a gun at someone and is forcing someone to smoke.

If we ban smoking we are banning private households and business we are denying the right to choose if they want there building in which they own to be a smoke house or a non smoking house.Why it is our business to dictate if that person has the right to smoke in there own households.We are demoralizing someone because they made the individual choice to smoke.Personal responsibility is a role we all have to take.If the smoker choose to stop smoking they can take rehab,reduce the amount of cigarettes there smoking.In fact smoking rates has been going down.We just gotta give them the individual choice to smoke.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by AnimeGirl 1 year ago
Thank you for your kind words. I look forward to a beautiful debate too.
Posted by Some_Confused_Kid 1 year ago
This went blank on my mind sorry I tend to forget a lot of things here are my sources and cites
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