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Cinema-an antisocial activity

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Started: 1/15/2017 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Cinema today is a money spinning industry. It flourishes on the gullibility of the youth and it takes people for granted. Children are distracted to an artificial world. Cinema thrives on black money. It runs a parallel economy. In the process people's lives are affected economically besides affecting their mind. Can we not call this an antisocial activity and take appropriate action to curb it.


I occasionally find myself sitting in a movie theater or more realistically, sitting in my living room streaming a pirated copy of a movie on my generic brand big screen TV with the dead pixel in the lower left corner, enjoying the movie to some extent until I reach a point at which I bring myself out of the fantasy to appreciate the movie itself. I'll praise the actor for an especially good performance. I'll be touched by the message I realize halfway into the film and my mind will wander into my own life. Sometimes I'll walk away from the film feeling inspired. Other times I'll find it absurd, or I'll disagree with the message, or even think its a total waste of my time.

I don't know what Pro means by "anti-social", we didn't establish any parameters, so I'll leave it up to the readers to decide whether I do a good job putting my own point forward in disagreement based on my opponent's vague terminology.

The movie industry is one of the most "social" industries out there. It literally thrives with the ebbs and flow of society. When you sit down in a theater, you'll hate a movie that seems to be too far out of line with what is socially acceptable, or you'll feel bored out of your mind with something that is TOO socially acceptable. The people who write these stories to captivate their audiences and pass on a message often do so by walking a tightrope between those two.

Does it flourish on the gullibility of the youth? Perhaps. But why would that be anti-social? Despite the fact that they are young, they are still members of our society and as individuals they contribute to the social norm of the whole. Does it take them to an artificial world? Of course it does. It's storytelling. Does it affect people's minds? Of course it does. It's a form of art, of communication. My opponent is right about all these things but none of these points seem to indicate that the movie industry is somehow AGAINST society. In fact, I would argue that the movie industry is more REFLECTIVE of society. I posit that if my opponent sees an evil in there, it's only because the camera is depicting a society that has evil in it.

The fact remains that a business survives because it fills a demand, and people choose to be exposed to it. I just finished watching Rogue One. I'm going to watch Moana with the wife sometime this week. I have a lot of difficulty defining either of those activities as "anti-social" in whatever context my opponent seems to be alluding to. Perhaps we should watch a movie together?
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The one reason suffice to can call it an antisocial activity is its complete dependence on black activity for its activity. This fact is not brought out by the protagonists and even media talks highly of great acting by the actors and their effort to portray a role and ignore the fact that cinema people sweat it out to earn their huge money in crores which is nothing but black money.
Let us realize that common man's life is seriously affected by the parallel economy run by the cinema industry. Spending such vast sums for a recreational activity when vast sections of humanity go without Roti, Kapada and makan is noing but an antisocial activity. It is time that the greatness of cinema is debunked at every opportunity so that the colossal waste of money in cinema is avoided.
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