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Started: 7/30/2018 Category: Economics
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Poem about circumcision

Pretty little baby boy
He was just born, He is but a newborn
But suddenly, Something happened
he is strapped, He is tied up
What is happening?
It is his circumcision
Pretty little baby boy
You don't need your foreskin
So we will take it away
While you cry in pain
I know that this hurts
The knife that cuts through
Through your little baby penis
Is this wrong? We dont care
We are going to do it anyway
Because we want your foreskin
We dont want to imagine you
Growing up with your entire penis
So we will take a bit of penis away
No more sliding mechanism,
You will never be the whole again
It's too bad for you,
But you should get over it
We already have


Again with the poems, How interesting. . .

1. I wanna defute the part of the poem about, " but suddenly something happens" circumcisions actually aren't forced upon people as your poem suggest or randomly decided by the doctor. The parents cam actually decide if the foreskin stays or not or if it's for religious reasons then the parebts can get it removed, So the parents know before hand also the baby doesn't even know what's happening so it can't comorehend like something is happening, So this whole suddenly a circumsion happens line doesn't make sense.

2. The foreskin area of your penis can actually trap alot of dirt and catch alot of bacteria so parents and dr's remove the skin for health reasons.

3. People with circumsions are actually whole, Becuase as a newborn you can't remeber or experience the pain so it's like it didn't happen and people feel whole all the time. To suggest foreskin can't make someone whole is illogical and actually insane.

4. Morality, Yeah drs do procedures to make circumsions not painful becuase then just cutting away as your poem suggest would kill the baby, For health reasons it's better to get it removed and for religious reasons it's moral to get it removed and the parents are aware and may know the benefiets of circumsions so to your line in your poem, " is this right? " Clearly it can be.

Besides what do you care about what is right or wrong? In your last debate I had with you ; you openly admitted to having desires of molesting 4 year olds.
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