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Classic American Muscle is better than Modern Imports

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Started: 2/28/2017 Category: Cars
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Classic American Muscle is WAY better than Modern Imports because: 1) They're not completely made of cheap plastic, 2) Better engines, 3) More of them were actually MADE IN THE USA, and 4) You don't hear anybody singing about a pink nissan or bugatti


American-made products are NOT better than some imports. American made-products are far more expensive than Chinese-made products or from products with cheaper labor. American-made products are also very inferior when it comes to quality compared with Japanese or German products, except when it comes to military products (although that's not surprising when America spends a third of its annual budget on the military).

American-made cars are very inferior to Japanese cars. Think about it: many countries in the world do not trade restrictions, yet you rarely see American cars outside of the U.S. Why? It is because they are not that good. Japanese car companies like Toyota and Honda have the most cars that, 20 years later, are still on the road. Luxury cars like Ferrari or Bugatti are also from Italy and France, not America.

Also, Ace Hood literally has a song called Bugatti
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Posted by Fernyx 2 years ago
There is a song called "Woke up in a new Bugatti"
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