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Classic Rock is the best genre

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Started: 3/26/2018 Category: Music
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that Classic Rock is the best because it comes in different forms and you can actually tell what they are saying. Rap is to fast and you can't tell what they're saying. All jazz sounds the same. Pop just sucks because of voice enhancers. And metal is just guys yelling at the top of their lungs.


I believe that Classic Rock and Classic Metal (They're not the same, but are similar and have greatly influenced each other) are great styles of music but they do not have the same technicality, and emotion of other genres of music.

------In Defense of Rap------
Rap is arguably the genre with the lowest skill floor, yet has an extremely high skill ceiling. The art within Rap comes from the lyrics. While some lyrics are harsh and meaningless, some have great meaning, and are crafted by those with a vast understanding of the English language. Some Rap is bad, some is good. Try listening to 'lyrical rappers'. Start with Eminem, he's the most well known.

------In Defense of Jazz-----
I agree, Jazz has become saturated. The reason a lot of Jazz sounds the same is because (without getting to deep into music theory) it uses a lot of the same instruments, scales, times. Some Jazz is good, while some is bad just like all other genres.

------In Defense of Pop-----
It's trash

-----In Defense of Metal & Rock-----
Metal is a very vast cloth of sub-genres. I include Rock as sub-genre of metal. I divide Rock and Metal into four Eras.
1. Classic - Older Than the 80s
2. Pre Tool - 80's - 90's
3. Post Tool - 90's - 06 (give or take 6 years)
4. Modern - 06 to present
I won't go into Classic as you already understand and know the artists from that era. I'll go into why I use the band "Tool" as a marker now. Tool is a progressive/grunge/rock/metal band created in the early 90's, they were a large turning point in the rock/metal industry. Tool arguably left a huge mark, as unlike many other bands from that era people such as myself are still waiting eagerly even after a decade for a new album. During the Pre-Tool Era rock and metal was compositionally simple. (Not to go into music theory unless you want to) During this era a lot of the founding metal bands came up such as Metallica, Slayer, Anthrax, and Megadeth. The modern era is where it gets wild. Many different sub-genres of metal arose. This gave birth to both good and bad bands/genres. During this era more progressive bands following in Tool's footsteps arose, as well as several other genres. The post-Tool and modern era did give birth to your disliked "yelling at the top of their lungs" style.

This is a super, super, super, super over-simplification of the evolution of rock/metal. I'd like to see ye' arguments. Round one was just for acceptance and ground-works right?
Debate Round No. 1


Although I see how metal is not trash, I still say that all Jazz/Pop is trash just because, well we all know why, but rap(besides Eminem) is mostly just sounds and slurs thrown together by some dude. Honestly it just sounds like trash to me. I'm not a huge fan of metal just because my friend plays only Metallica and Five finger Death punch when he's around me(which is like 2 hours, and I honestly just get sick of hearing it. Although I don't agree with some of the choices the bands have made, I still stand by my claim that classic rock is one of the more superior genres. Also rock uses the same instruments as jazz, they just find a way to mix it up and make it different unlike jazz.
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Posted by domfincrag 3 years ago
I think it depends more on the specific bands within that genre. I think Classical, Rock, folk, country, jazz, etc. Are all pretty much on the same playing field. I believe the only real inferior genre is pop being that it is purely commercial. Personally my favorite genre is rock though.
Posted by DrAnomaly 3 years ago
My bad yo. I forgot about this debate. ;(
Posted by Tracy1999 3 years ago
I am a huge fan of classical rock because of two reasons. At first, most songs in the type of classical rocks have meaning lyris and catchy tune. Secondly, most singers in the past sang their songs by their true voices, not like the singers today. I still listen the songs of current singers but i have to admit that most songs today dont leave impression on me too much. Anyway, classical songs still keep hold of my heart .
Posted by IFitstooloudyourtooold 3 years ago
In my opinion Metal like Metallica is the very best. I mean the way they express themselves is awesome pure raw emotion. It is too loud your too old rock out my dudes!
Posted by Dylan_Colello 3 years ago
sorry, meant metal is not just yelling, whatever though. Also, there are many different sub-genres of metal. Each sub-genre is different from one another, so you have to try them all to know which one you like best.
Posted by Dylan_Colello 3 years ago
I do like classic rock. Metal is not just people screaming though, you are wrong. I think thrash metal is the best genre of music. Like megadeth and slayer.
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