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Clean Coal is a good thing?

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Started: 5/24/2018 Category: Science
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Coal is the US best energy source because it is cheap, production can be ramped up (unlike solar and wind which is controlled by weather and nat gas which is always being produced at its max) Coal is also reliable. In today's clean coal process CSS or Carbon Capture and Storage instead of being released into the atmosphere, Co2 from coal is sent underground into rock and earth.


Clean coal is not a good thing. Coal can damage the environment in ways not immediately recognized allowing the term"clean" to be used. Coal is cheap I'll give you that but the unseen cost of dealing with its pollutants greatly outweighs any benefits. Coal waste being buried underground creates new problems such as coal by products polluting ground water or contaminating the soil around it. Ultimately this waste will reach the ocean either by being evaporated when the ground water is brought to the surface or by being carried downstream in polluted soil in rivers and streams. These pollutants could heavily damage the ocean ecosystem and disrupt sea life possibly killing fish and corals. Finally pollutants would end up in the atmosphere because the process of mining coal is very dirty using lots of heavy equipment which directly pollutes the atmosphere through the increase in co". In summary "clean" coal is not as clean as portrayed and can contaminate not only the air but also the sea.
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Posted by Im_Intelligent 3 years ago
*Sago mine disaster
*Benxihu Colliery
*Coalbrook mining disaster
*Mohd.Darabi Coal mine
and thats just the tip of the ice berg

The reactor failed because of a design fault, this was corrected.

You dont have the high ground here by a long shot Plangton.
Posted by Plangton 3 years ago
Posted by Im_Intelligent 3 years ago
If you ask me, i think nuclear energy is the future, it produces far more energy and less waste product then coal does, plus it doesn't require a constant supply of coal being dug out of the ground, and further still is not in limited supply, i think one of the biggest problems is that nuclear energy has been given a bad rap by people who dont understand how nuclear energy actually works.

Solar panels are great and all, but there are expensive and very fragile and decrease in efficiency at a rate of around 1% per year

Wind turbines only work when the wind blows, and they tend to kill a crap ton of birds in the process.

Nuclear power is the future my friend, and if we can achieve usable power via hydrogen fusion, we would enter a whole new era of what we could do with such an enormous amount of power.
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