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Clinton is a criminal

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Started: 10/28/2016 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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There is more than enough evidence to put her away for life but nothing happens with her so keeps getting away with things. There are so many "suicides" attached to her and her Clinton foundation. One person committed suicide by a bullet wound to the back of the head. I mean really! Who does that!


Thank you Republican101, for this debate. I am sure this will not only be substantive, but fun for both sides.
I will commence my arguments by saying this: Hillary Clinton is not a criminal. She should not be sent to prison, because she hasn't committed any crimes. I have many reasons for this, the first of which is that the United States' two most eminent legal organizations, the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and the Justice Department, cleared her of all charges. She doesn't "keep getting away with things", because there is absolutely no reason why these unbiased and impartial organizations would be ruling in her interest, rather than in the interest of the country. There is absolutely no "evidence to put her away for life", and would love, throughout the length of this debate, to see my opponent attempt to show me some. To discuss the sole point my opponent made in Round 1, the "[o]ne person [who] committed suicide by a bullet wound to the back of the head" was depressed at the time of his suicide. ( He shot himself in the back of the head, because doing that would kill oneself. If one would want to commit suicide, that is something that one would do. So when my opponent said "I mean really! Who does that," I don't think they grasped the full context of the situation.
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Posted by ILikePie5 2 years ago
Just because she hasn't been convicted, doesn't mean that she is a criminal. I could commit a crime and it can go unnoticed. I'm still a criminal...
Posted by Tree_of_Death 2 years ago
By definition she's not...she hasn't been convicted of anything so she can't be a criminal.
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