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Cody Anderson has the best chance to defeat Mat Fraser of all men's competitors

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Started: 7/12/2019 Category: Sports
Updated: 6 days ago Status: Debating Period
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With the 2019 CrossFit games around the corner, It's a foregone conclusion that Fraser will dominate and win. I argue that Cody Anderson has the best chance of any male athlete to defeat Fraser.

My reasoning is as follows:
1. Fikowski and Vellmar are too similar in their strengths to Fraser.
2. Castro will program the Games to create a more competitive environment.
3. Cody Anderson is strong in gymnastic movements and is capable of consistently placing in the top 5 in events that are heavily weighted in this direction.
4. Cody is surprisingly strong for a man his size, Enabling him to compete in any barbell events, Especially if the events are weighted toward speed instead of power.

Because the closest competitors to Fraser are too much like him, It seems unlikely that Fikowski, Vellmar, Gudmundsson, Etc. Will win. They'd have to beat Mat head on, Strength for strength. Anderson, However, Is strong in areas that Fraser is less strong in, So with programming that shifts away from Fraser's power alley, Anderson is the most likely competitor to be able to rack up points.

To be clear, The argument is that he is the most likely, Not that he will. Fraser will win.


I agaree with that
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