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Colonialsim has been good for mankind

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Started: 3/6/2018 Category: Politics
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I'm just in need of information concerning this topic. And I believe every one here will give me all the wise advices. So please feel free to share your thoght and opinion.


Preface-Colonialism is a vast and general topic to argue about as there has been both good instances of this and bad. I"m most in favor of colonialism though, but it"s fun to argue for the opposite sometimes.

Now, during the midst of the renaissance period, the promotion and eagerness to explore and discover new lands grew drastically as many European leaders hoped to expand their territory and find new ways to build their economy. This led to many explorers such as Christopher Columbus and Bartolomeus Dias to discover new routes and pieces of lands. During their journeys, they not only found new land, but new people. These Natives had lived on these lands for thousands of years, undisturbed, until they were discovered by the Europeans.

After the discovery of a new continent by Christopher Columbus, the Spanish authorities allowed the colonization and exploration of these new lands. This allowed for the rise of one of the first Spanish Conquistadors, Hernan Cort"s . He, along with a couple hundred European troops(and Native Allies) managed to topple the entire Aztec Empire through both disease and advanced technology. Soon, the entire empire was razed to the ground, killing hundreds of thousands along the way. In doing so, he had set off a chain reaction, which led to the destruction of hundreds of smaller tribes as other Europeans began to travel to what was now known as "The New World".

Many of the captured Natives from the crumbling Aztec Empire were forced into enslavement and hard labor, however, so many were dying off from disease, the Spanish looked towards a new front, one that would not only change the course of Spanish History, but primarily US history, Africa.

During the beginning of the Enlightenment period, the brutality of the Spanish began to be questioned by the many religious leaders and Jesuits who were either at mainland Europe or living in the New World. Despite some Jesuits opposing the enslavement of the Natives, many still attempted to convert the Natives to Christianity, claiming their god was inferior and a "false" god.

This form of colonization was seen by the rest of the world, creating a ripple effect as new European settlers from both Englandand France had began to set up colonies along the Northern coasts of America. This ultimately led to the eradication of hundreds of Native tribes and the destruction of an entire culture.
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Posted by Amphia 3 years ago
Colonialism messed up a lot of countries.
In Africa, the Europeans stole African resources and put unfair political/social systems in place to keep them in control. When African countries finally managed to get independence they realized they had a long way to go before they could get back on their feet.

Similar thing for Latin America. Countries in Latin America and Haiti as well suffered when they became independent because Europe didn't want to trade with them. No one did really. They struggled to boost their economies since they couldn't do trade.

I think Colonialism perpetuated racism. During the age of Imperialism (the scramble for Africa and Asia), Europe used the pseudo-science, social darwinism to justify conquering lands and not caring about the people already there.

Fortunately, these countries are still young and still have time to get back on their feet. They're new countries and I think the struggles they are going through now are them working out the kinks.
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