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Columbus Day should either be abolished or re-named

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Started: 9/15/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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This debate is about whether Columbus Day should be a national holiday in the United States. I believe that either the holiday should be abolished or that it should be renamed. Columbus' treatment of the natives was inhumane as his men murdered and raped members of the native tribes.

I will wait for a challenger and provide more evidence to support my argument in the next round.


i accept this debate this will be interesting
Debate Round No. 1


Let's begin by looking at how this became a was a celebration by certain members of society because he was Italian and Catholic. His accomplishment of reaching America made him a hero in those communities. But how did he go from being a hero in the Italian and Catholic groups to being a hero in the United States? First of all, he did not "discover" America. Unless you ignore world history until this point, you know that there were native tribes living in the Americas for centuries before Columbus landed, so how can you "discover" something when there is already someone living there. Not only that, he never even touched down into the modern-day United States. He explored islands in the Caribbean and in central America, not in the present day United States. The Vikings were the first Europeans that we know of that came to the Americas [1]. So if the Vikings were the first Europeans over here (and in North America), why is it Columbus that gets the credit? The first European colony in the modern-day United States was Ponce de Leon in modern-day Florida. The United States derived from the British again, why is it Columbus that we celebrate?

Aside from the fact that Columbus had no bearing on the modern-day United States, his name should be erased from this holiday due to his treatments towards the native tribes. The native tribes that Columbus encountered (Taino) were murdered, raped, and enslaved by Columbus and his men [2]. Columbus blamed the Taino for the failures and laziness of his own men. The Taino greeted Columbus with peace and generosity and yet he treated them with hostility.

My final point in this round is that there are only two holidays here in the United States that are named after individuals; Columbus Day and Martin Luther King, Jr. Day. Washington's birthday has been reduced to an overall President's Day. It appalls me that Columbus has a holiday named after him, but Washington, the father of our country, Lincoln, who in a round about way ended slavery, nor heroes like Pat Tillman have holidays named after know, TRUE HEROES!

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by senshred19 2 years ago
Forgot to put this citation in my argument:
Posted by senshred19 2 years ago
So you are ok with genocide, rape, and slavery? I suppose that Hitler is included in that comment. You probably think that he was not that bad of a guy because that was 75 years ago? Will he be any better of a leader in 500 years because morality for some people changes? What I find stupid is when people try to justify immorality.
Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
People who try to judge history based on modern localized morality are outright stupid, especially when it was hundreds of years ago. That means you want people of the future to judge you based on their localized morality. We all do what we can. Columbus did what he could. Morality was different back then.

Just accept that morality changes and stop judging people from the past. 0% of people from the distant past would stand up to the scrutiny of your modern localized morality, so stop the bull$hit.
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