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Communism in America? Yes (Pro) or No (Con?

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Started: 1/13/2014 Category: Politics
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The first round is only for acceptance. I wish luck to my opponent. Some debate norms are that you may only post up links to trusted sites (no blogs or biased sites) if you chose to use sources from the internet. You are not allowed to swear at your opponent, doing so results in automatic forfeit of the round. And that no offensive language can be used.

Enjoy and I once again wish luck to my opponent.


I accept your debate, state your case
Debate Round No. 1


Alright. So, first of all, Communism is a Political Idea or series of Ideas that promotes the equality of humans...There is no homeless, no poor and no rich. All homeless and abused animals are sheltered in safer environments. While that is all well and good, it can seriously damage the poor. In the current Government of America, we have different classes based off of income. And right now, their taxes vary. Think about if in Communism, the Government needed more money in the treasury and therefore taxes went up. All of the poor would be paying high tax and that would harm their money supply. They would need to turn to Welfare and Social Security. Unfortunately, Welfare and Social Security do not really help money wise in the end, as the money ends up going back to the rich in bigger amounts. The poor now become poorer. The rich also loose money. But there aren't poor people at this point, therefore, instead of one class being poorer, everyone is being poorer now.

Another thing has to do with the homeless. If the homeless are all sheltered or given residency, then more and more housing will be zoned. Now population density rises and now the city / country / state is running out of room to put people into housing and now we become like China, people are everywhere. Traffic and everything. I bet employment would be affected by this too. Too many people for the employment. Industry may fall apart and now this all becomes an issue.

I have looked at the effects of Communism in Europe and how affects not only the Government--but the people too. I think that some people are just too ignorant to realize that Communism has harmed economies and the way America is running Politically, Economically and Socially, Communism is not the solution. The Soviet Communists were completely wrong because of the ideals of Stalin. Joseph Stalin was very wrong with the ideas he had, though a dictator, the Soviets were Socialists which derived from Communism. Stalin's taxes were off the wall and his political social and economical ideals were as well all wrong. Stalin was a pig. He was a war criminal and an evil SOB.

Communists have affected America as well in the past considering the Vietnam War which involved Communists. The same with when North Korea had a bust with America years ago. For a long time people considered that the Government of America should kill or torture Communists because of the "things they caused." Though that is not right, Communists mess up a lot of things. North Korea speaks of equality but they have they have terrible punishment "camps" where they take convicts and do all sorts of messed up things to them. One person on international news reported to have seen his grandfather hanged in front of him, the offense he committed, was rape. In Russia, they treat their criminals with violent labour. Communist nations have done all sorts of messed up things over the years and killing thousands of people.

Now Communism is a confusing concept because it's more a philosophy than a Government, but that's what makes it easier to determine the greatest bits and pieces of how wrong it is. The Russian Revolution before WWI was the reason Russia needed Communism and the reason Germany had Democracy was a result of WWI and the Great Depression. In Russia, Communism did not help the economy and Totalitarian Dictator Joseph Stalin took power. Stalin, as I mentioned was a pig with power. And he was also a follower of first class Communist beliefs, he was pretty up front.

Marxists are people more social with economical, but they still have flaws. Marxism is more of an idea of equality within society while most Communists look to overthrow the Government and have the people be the source of the Government's decision. "Everyone give their money and have some of it back!" Says the Communist Leader. Communism, no rich, no poor, no homeless people / pets, no uneven taxes. But these things can hurt use more than help.

What do you suppose Communists want to get their energies from? I'd guess "clean" energy sources that are usually useless. Wind Turbines and whatnot. These are very pricy. The Government needs to fund pricy things but does not have enough money, taxes now go up. It's an endless cycle of everyone getting the same amount of money. It's not smart. We give you this money, you give it back and then we give it back--it's stupid.

I feel like most job industry will collapse from paying too many people because every citizen will be forced into employment. People will be ally peachy. But there are still several things wrong. Here they are debunked: Not everyone will pay taxes. Not everyone will appreciate the no-class system. Not many people will appreciate sudden increase in Population Density. What about immigration, will it be taken care of, will foreigners be given the same advantages even when illegal as here in America? Communists just do not offer enough detail about too many things. There are too many holes in the wall and we are expected to patch them with our own ideas. So the Political Party itself is not ideally stable. Communism is not the solution to America's Political, Social and / or Economical problems.


msheahan99 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Considering the economic and political issues in America as it is, I don't think the best thing to do is change the Government and change it to something like Communism. Communists have many social-economic philosophies that can compete with the American Politics. We all know that Communism has its pros and cons like any Government would. But there is a difference, and that is that Communism works like this:

-No Homeless.
-No Poor nor Rich.
-Everyone gets food to eat.
-Everyone gets benefits in education and what not.

That all sounds good, yes? But, in reality, there are a lot of cons to Communism. Especially considering that everyone's money is taken and then redistributed equally and then it's just the same amount of money but tossed around. Think of it like this: One day you get your paycheck, it's the same as the one others have. Well, because of taxes, you give the money to Government. Then the Government gives the money back through another paycheck. How does this help at all economically speaking? And let's not mention that Communism requires a revolution, here's how I imagine it:

"Barack Obama has been killed today by a group of revolutionaries known as the American Communist Political Assembly. These people have decided that it's time for America to go Communist, and they'd done it by force. Revolution is the first reported step to Communism. Along with the attack, thousands of US innocents and government officials have been killed. Our economy is even worse and now it's only getting lower!"

Is this what you support? Governments like the one we have the advantages of adjustable taxes based on income, and it's not a discrimination against the poor to have them pay different taxes--it typically benefits them. Same with the rich, if you tax the right way, it benefits the economy and the people. Communism sounds like the perfect Government, but it's not. And in the economic situation we are in, Communists would not be a help. And on top of that, America has fought Commies and work with them before as well. We know how they work.

Good luck in the last round. Better state a good case.


msheahan99 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Viet 6 years ago
RepublicanMan, view my recent posts on communism in Vietnam for more ideas. Down with communism!!!
Posted by msheahan99 6 years ago
I'm sorry but I thought you where in favor of comunism, it said that you where pro, is there any way I can exit the round?
Posted by makeshift8 6 years ago
This country was based off of what our forefathers found unjust or controlling. One of these things is the independence of the people. We have fought many wars to defend these ideals.

Sure communism sounds nice, but even if you bust a** at your job you will be payed the same as the guy who doesn't want to be there. And you will be clothed by the government, fed by the government, and are getting just enough to survive, not to be able to enjoy life. You will not have any rights at all, as the government will make decisions for you. That's like a complete stranger telling you what to wear, and you are required by law to change your cloths to a polo with shorts in the middle of winter.

Businessmen will be driving the same cars as grunts. The government will not allow you to own anything, because you don't. Everything is owned by the government, and can take everything away from you faster than they gave it to you.
Posted by Tommy.leadbetter 6 years ago
Define your understanding of communism
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