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Started: 3/3/2012 Category: Politics
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I think Communism is the correct way to run a country.


I thank my opponnet for this challange. I being a hardline supporter Laissez Capitalism, am going to love this debate. I will allow my opponent to present his case first in the second round. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


I will now begin my argument...


.I Communist countries due to the nature of large government have very large police systems. More police, less crime. Policies adopted by Communist countries made them have little to no crime.


.I When the USSR took over Russia, medicine was vastly advanced and made safe places to give birth, more medicine, better treatment, etc. etc.

.II Collectivised work places and more benefits. The government managed everything so no monopolies or dangerous business practices. No scams etc. etc.


First off, I would like to point out that my opponent has no sources to back up his claims.


R1: Oh opponent has pointed out there were low crime rates in among the people in the communist countrie such as the U.S.S.R. and all the others. However, if you take a look at the state you will see that it committed a huge ammount of heinious crimes against their own people. For example look at the following facts:

A: A study that was done by one collage in Hawaii reports that over 180 million people died as a result of forced labor and religious and ethnic genocide [1]. Now obviously this evedence alone could refute my opponent opponent's claim. However I will continue with crimes from other Marxist governments to further make my point known.

B: China who has been communist since 1947 has killed approximately 47.5 million people [2].

I think this is enough to disprove his claim that there was little crime, because state crime is still crime.

R2: Has no source to prove that this is fact, therefore, it is invalid.

R3: Considering that the majority of deaths were from the result of mass collectization, I would like to say that this contention is proven wrong.

~~My Argument~~

Contention 1: Totalitarianism and Oppression

Marxism or Communism (whichever name one actually prefers) is a social and economic political ideaology that centered around a totalitarian one party ruled society. So that they can one day achieve a classless utopia where government will not be needed, and they always promise liberation and freedom from oppression [3]. However, When we we take a look at the past and see what all of the communist regimes have done in the past hundred years we see the exact opposite of liberation from oppression. What we do see though is a change in oppressor. It is clear that communists clear replace whatever oppressor is oppressing the people then with themselves after they come to power. For example look at the following facts:

A: In Russia forced collectivization leads to famine and starvation of the soviet people [4]. Also, the KGB is responsable for the deaths of millions of people, including religious people and even party members in the Stalin's purges [5].

B: In China the Great Leap Forward (which was China's attempt to collectivize the people so that the country could be industrialized) resulted in 46 million people dying from starvation and bad treatment from the inforcers [3]. Also, the U.S. State Department issued a study that said this:

'Unapproved religious groups, including Protestant and Catholic groups, continued to experience varying degrees of official interference and repression. The Government continued to enforce 1994 State Council regulations requiring all places of religious activity to register with the Government and come under the supervision of official, "patriotic" religious organizations. There were significant differences from region to region, and even locality to locality, in the attitudes of government officials toward religion. In some areas, authorities guided by national policy made strong efforts to control the activities of unapproved Catholic and Protestant churches; religious services were broken up and church leaders or adherents were detained and, at times, reportedly beaten. At year's end, some remained in prison because of their religious activities. Citizens worshiping in officially sanctioned churches, mosques, and temples reported little or no day-to-day interference by the Government. The number of religious adherents in many churches, both registered and unregistered, continued to grow at a rapid pace. In Tibet the reeducation campaign aimed at monks and nuns was renewed, as was a rhetorical campaign against the Dalai Lama.' [6]

C: In Cambodia the communist government when it was in power killed millions of people in their 'killing fields' a great number of the poor innocent victems of these attrocities were religious people, and anyone who else who didn't pledge their full allegiance to their government [7].

As we can see from all of these facts that Communism's stance on totalitarian government causes the same amount of oppression as it seeks to destroy.

Contention 2: The Communist economic system is a disaster.

The most prevalent criticism of communism is that rooted in economic theory. After all, some of the other things associated with communism (such as tyrannical dictatorships) could in theory be avoided. However, economists argue that communism is structured specifically to result in economic stagnation. Resources cannot be effectively allocated in a communist system. Economic calculation is impossible without a feedback system like prices. This is partly because value is subjective rather than objective. Value depends on people's choices and decisions, not on a measure such as the cost of production [8].

Also, since private property is abolished and everything is collectively owned there is no incinative to work. Therefore, things do not get done because the workers do not work. This happened in the Soviet Union not long before it economically collasped [9].


In conclusion, communism is a obvious blight upon the earth.











Debate Round No. 2


chainmachine forfeited this round.


Arguments extended.
Debate Round No. 3


chainmachine forfeited this round.


Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 4
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