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Started: 5/25/2018 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I think that Communism is a better form of government than Capitalism, i will name my reasons in round number two and three.


Capitilism is clearly better than communisn. It can be shown on a purely moral level, but also historically. I will get into the main idea of my arguments and will follow up in later rounds as needed.

Moral Argument:
Communism is based of many flawed principles. First it assumes the collective is more important than the indivual. It says that for the good of everyone we must make sacrifises. People are not free to create a company or enter certian types of volunteary agreements. For example communis says enployers are always abusive of workers. This logic does not make sense because both parties end up benfiting. The worker gets a job and the employeer gets the employees skills and labour.
If anything makes the emgamemt unfair it is the governments involment. Things like welfare benefit the employer. It allows them to pay their employees less than the should knowing the government will do the rest. Minumium wag laws or garuanteed wages hurt employees since it makes it impossoble for low skilled people to get jobs where they could gain skills and eventually move into higher paying jobs.
In a capilist society both the workers and employers have power. If the employee does not like the job they can find a better one. If they can not this is proof the employeer is doing them a favor. If the employeer is unsatisfied they can hire someone better. If they can not it shows the employee provides the best value or that they need to give other people reason to take the job such as higher wages or benefits.
Communsim also gives people a reason to be lazy. In an ideal communist society productivty does not effect the distribution of resources so why would anyone do a hard job such as collecting garbage. If there will be food on the table and a house over your head regardless people will choose to do nothing instead of a job they dont like. Capitilsim encourages people to reach their potenial by rewarding those who do. This clearly does not make sense because without people doing hard things many of the benifits we experince today will go away or somebody will be forced against their will to provide services for the collective.

Historical: Millions of deaths, major tragidies and suffering are all historical outcomes of attempting to implement communism. I would challange you to name one succesful communist country.
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