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Community college should be the first college people attend

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Started: 3/23/2017 Category: Education
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I argue that more people would benefit from going to community college first rather than going straight to a four year university.


Community College will be any college that is state/government funded and is a 2 year institution.

By benefit, I mean that it would cost less money for students over the time it takes to get a 4 year degree.


People should start with community college for a few reasons:

>. Most community colleges have smaller class sizes compared to 4-year colleges (3).

>. When the cost of community college is lowered, slightly more students enroll in college then they would have if tuition remained the same (1) According to the College Board's website, the average cost of community college for in-district students is $3,440 on average. A public 4-year college, accepting students in-state, is $9,410 on average (2).

>. Community college was found to increase the number of people obtaining their Bachelor's Degree slightly (1).

I would be convinced to the Con/Against side if someone could show why my sources are incorrect or what evidence there is to the contrary.



I look forward to debating with you.


There are many reasons why people choose to go to a University first, rather than a Community College.


"By benefit, I mean that it would cost less money for students over the time it takes to get a 4 year degree."

Yes, the financial cost is remarkably lower.
But, a vast majority of Community Colleges only offer a 2 year degree program. That is only worth an Associates Degree.

With this being said, if you wanted to work harder towards a Bachelor's degree, you'd have to move to a University, or find a four year Community College to transfer to. Even then, that is IF the class is transferable.

It's not necessarily less money either. When transferring into a University, most colleges charge full price for every class you still needed to take. Therefore, you're getting a somewhat better deal, but not much.

If you're going to live on campus, that's even more.

It's better in cases of class size, but the education value is much better at a University.

Debate Round No. 1



1. What is the value that 4-Year colleges have that you are comparing? Is it the monetary cost or something else?

2. Are you in agreement that going to community college first is cheaper, or is that not your argument? I didn't quite understand what your argument against the cost was.

If you could please answer these the best you can, I would be able to understand your argument better.


I understand He_Needs_Some_Milk_69 argument as that it is inconvenient to go to community college because you have to go to a four-year university anyway (please correct me if I misunderstand).

-I agree that it is more convenient, but it costs more. I have shown that the College Board says that it is cheaper to start with community college. Based on price alone, it seems that it is beneficial to go this route instead of going straight to a four-year college.

-I also found evidence for the argument that people who complete community college with an Associate's Degree have a higher chance of getting a Bachelor’s Degree within 10 years (1). Although only 33% of community college students transfer to 4-year colleges, students who transferred with an Associate's Degree had a 48% chance of graduating compared to 35% chance for students who transferred without an Associate's Degree (1).

I would like to know if there is something that four-year colleges have that isn't present in community colleges.



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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Capitalistslave 3 years ago
What if I believe there shouldn't be government-run schools? Could I argue this?
Posted by DeskDriver201 3 years ago
I chose to focus on the cost in my initial argument, but I would be willing to accept the argument that other benefits are more important than cost
Posted by SJM 3 years ago
Just to clarify, is the word, benefit, solely about the financial aspect?
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