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Computers are necessary evil in today's life

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Started: 9/30/2013 Category: Technology
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Are computers necessary or evil in today's lifee?


From my point of view, there is no harm in using computers in today's life. If no harm is done then there is no point of calling it as evil. In-fact the very first good thing you did is by posting a debate through COMPUTER.
Debate Round No. 1


Aaria121 forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited the round.
Debate Round No. 2


Aaria121 forfeited this round.


My opponent has forfeited the last and final round but my arguments go on.

Computers have brought about a tremendous revolution in every walk of life and have opened more vast fields due to the dexterity of those who design software and those who develop application programs.

i) The Scientists use it to predict weather, earthquakes, and storms, controlling of satellites and controlling of atomic reactions in reactors and else where.

ii) The
Engineers use computers in designing cars, aeroplanes, ships, buildings, bridges and tools etc.

iii) The Banks use them to keep records of day to day transactions, keeping accounts and managing overall investment. Computers have been placed at the hands of bank customers. This provides facility of making withdrawals at odd hours. Financial houses take the help of the computers to make their credit cards a medium of exchange.

iv) Computers have also played a vital role in Communication field. It has become so advantageous that the 21st century is being called information century because information can easily be transferred from one place to another within seconds by using Internet.

v) The Internet is used extensively in the sphere of Education. On-line education is becoming more and more popular. Getting an online degree from an online college or career school is one of the hottest trends in higher education today.

vi) For Entertainment purposes, computers are now used to play complex games, I.Q games and stimulation games.

Like it or not, technology has become an integral part of the way Business is done :-
- Inventory Management - Retail and wholesale business have increasingly come to rely on computers' advanced ability to keep track of inventory and assist in ordering more when stocks get low.

- Presentations And Documents - The days of typed papers and documents are dead and gone. Word processing is a must in today's business environment. Not only are computers the medium for document creation, but the ability to email and share documents electronically has become central to the editing, approval and delivery process. Similarly, presentations and reports are commonly delivered in electronic slide show presentations or via webinars.

- Electronic Communications - Customers, clients, vendors and business partners use email to make contact and transact business. Some companies go beyond email and actually encourage the use of in-house instant messaging as a method of communications between employees and departments.

Internet Access - Internet access is a business' communications lifeline. Internet-enabled computing allows you to receive orders from customers, place orders with suppliers, research businesses, explore business ideas, communicate with government agencies and even manage your business' banking. In addition, online presence with at least a website is critical to legitimizing a business. Many companies go further and participate in social networking sites for marketing and branding purposes.

- Multi-site Networks - If your business has more than one site or branch, then multi-site networking provides tremendous benefits for accounting, standardizing and managing your multi-faceted operation. Companies that sell similar products or services in multiple locations find that computer systems help them keep track of revenues, costs and their supply chain from a central office. This allows a centralized management team to get reports on any or all sites and get a macro-view of the business when needed.


Some more other applications/uses of computers are :-

viii) Today's Architect relies on computer-aided design (CAD) programs that enable the visualization of structures in three dimensions.

ix) Musicians regularly use computers for composition and playback.

x) Visual artists use computer graphics in creating and enhancing their works, and the traditional darkroom of the professional photographer has given way to the digital camera and the PC.

xi) As for Writers, their work has been affected immeasurably by a range of computer developments, from the simplest word-processing software to complex programs that assist in the writing of novels or screenplays.

Finally, after giving the substantial detail of the importance of the computers, I can conclude that computers are one of most crucial things that affects our lives. I think the media should spread awareness about the importance of computers among those people who don't use computers. I think the ministry of education in every country should provide schools, especially in rural areas, with computers for active learning and make students learn and know more about other cultures all over the world.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: I agree with Cermank. The FF has to be taken into account.
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Reasons for voting decision: This one was a little difficult to judge because even though Con provided the only arguments, and they were pretty strng and clear and well put, I interpreted the debate to mean that Pro would have been arguing FOR the contion that Computers are a necessary evil, and Con to provide for how they were not. The Conduct point clearly goes to Con. The arguments, whatever were made, also have to go to Con, given that he provided th eonly arguments. Pro should clarify the contention next time. And provide arguments too.