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Consciousness is a Product Of The Physical Brain?

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Started: 10/16/2013 Category: Science
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that there is enough evidence available in the present time to produce a conclusion that all human Consciousness is the Product of The Brain Structures:
Consciousness: Defined as the combination of Awareness, Sense of Being, Empathy, Pain and Joy.

From the online Dictionary:
1. The state or condition of being conscious.
2. A sense of one's personal or collective identity, including the attitudes, beliefs, and sensitivities held by or considered characteristic of an individual or group: Love of freedom runs deep in the national consciousness.
a. Special awareness or sensitivity: class consciousness; race consciousness.
b. Alertness to or concern for a particular issue or situation: a movement aimed at raising the general public's consciousness of social injustice.
4. In psychoanalysis, the conscious.

It appears that the only religion that came close to this concept was Buddhism, where it teaches that our perceptions are illusions created by our brains.
Though I put it deeper, that not only are our perceptions illusion, but our entire Consciousness is indeed an illusion.
Yes, we are all delusional from birth to death, because we all believe our illusion of consciousness to be real.

I will leave this debate open to any type of evidence Con wishes to present.
I will try to consider all arguments with an open mind.
Which is always hard! :-D~


sometimes the human mind does not realize what it is putting the body through until after the fact. how can u say that all human mind's are in fact consciousness when they are not 100% of the time
Debate Round No. 1


Thanks heaps for accepting the challenge, alexismurray1. :-D
Moot point though.
Consciousness appears to exist when we are in a semiconscious or even close to unconscious state.
From evidence gained in operating theaters, especially concerning those who claim NDHs (Near Death Hallucinations), it appears that they can be conscious of what surgery staff say while they are under anesthetic.
So often hearing is still available to semiconscious patients.

What my introduction was supposed to convey is that, our concepts of ourselves and our place in the universe is mostly illusion. We have an illusion of ourselves from within, our basic sense of self, combined with illusions of ourselves from external feedback.
Basically, what we think of ourselves is partially illusion and what others think of us is also their perception, which also has a fair degree of illusion, since they often compare us to their illusion and misconceptions of reality (also partially illusion).
So, no matter which way we turn, we are being confronted with part reality and part illusion.
Deciphering which parts are real and which parts are illusion is at times extremely hard.

We are also conscious during sleep, though it is a different consciousness.
The part of consciousness that goes missing is physical, body and environmental awareness.
We are conscious, but not aware of much at all, though as mentioned prior, we can still be aware of sounds, since it appears that hearing is often the last sense to shut down, possibly this has evolved for survival, since we need to be able to wake quickly to escape predators when we were ground dwelling apes.
In my experience, I often pick up sounds in my sleep which have caused me to have OOBHs (Out Of Body Hallucinations).
Dreams are also a particular part of consciousness, our brain structures compose a theater production for our viewing while we sleep.
I often compose the scenarios for my own dreams as I start my sleep and simply let them go whichever course my brain wants them to take. They often takes a course I had no conception of.

So while we sleep or go into a seemingly semiconscious state, a subset of our brain structures are still functioning.
You could call this group of brain structures that work all night, the Night Shift.
LOL :-D~
One of these night shift structures are the Temporal Lobes, that often works during dreaming and hallucinations, it seems that this structure assists in conjuring up dream time images of Gods.
Ref:" Why God Won't Go Away: Brain Science and the Biology of Belief" , By Andrew Newberg, M.D., Eugene G. D'Aquili


alexismurray1 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Sorry Con: If I use this Argument to play with formatting:

Here Are Some More References:

From The Oxford Neurology Jounals

Here is some notes from studies in Hypnosis:

This Is Off Topic, But, Something I've Been Observing in Browsing Debates And Deliberately Set Up Test Debates As Proof:

Though, as I've noted with other Debates with seemingly unpopular Titles.
The Popularity Vote Often Wins the Debate.

I've deliberately set up debates with such unpopular (against popular opinion, well in the US anyway) to test this Theory.

In one of my debates, Con, didn't really mount any actual challenges to the Argument, merely hinted that I was being a meany.
This put him well ahead of me on votes, without even rationally challenging my argument.
Proving that I am absolutely correct, If your Argument is unpopular,, you might as well not start the debate, because you have already lost.
The opponent doesn't even need to argue to win votes, just stand against the unpopular argument.
It's like Creationists in a debate who fill the auditorium with creationist believers so the opposition doesn't have a chance.

If your Title or Argument is Unpopular with Voters, You Will Lose, Regardless Of How Good Your Argument Is!

So, from what I have gleened so far off debate topics, I'm expecting to lose some of those debates without my opponent even having to place a counter argument. :-D

Such as Anti-Christian Debates the Pro, will often lose on being unpopular with a high percentage of US based, Christian voters.
Though, the same debate held in highly Atheist countries like Australia will likely swing the other way and the Anti-Christian Pro would probably win on popularity votes.

Just as well these debates are for amusement only.
Since, throughout history, debates have never really changed anything, ever.

Evolutionists have been slam dunking Young Earth Creationism in debates for the last 30 years that I've read about and still, very little has changed.
Debates hardly have any bearing on reality.

Aye M8z! LOL :-D~



what makes you think that muderes have the right mind to kkill someone when they dont.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by makhdoom5 5 years ago
yeah funny.
below i guess relates to some disease not to healthy person.
Posted by Sagey 5 years ago
LOL Makhdoom, that would be one experiment I'd really dig to see, you in the God helmet.
It might really give a connection to God, sort of like a technically produced wormhole connection into Heaven.
Posted by Sagey 5 years ago
I particularly like studying how injuries and diseases affect the brain.
People who touch things and feel strong emotions when touching surfaces.
Like extreme sadness when touching one surface and then extreme joy when touching another surface, because the regions in the brain that control emotions have been cross wired with the part of the brain that senses touch. It's called Synesthesia when one sense maps to another sensation or perception.
Same thing can happen with colors, touching on surface can generate a sense of one color and another surface generates a sensation of another color.
Or sound to color synesthesia, where each sound or note generates a perception of a different color.
Though most commonly it is a visual form of synesthesia with numbers and colors, where people see particular numbers with colored halos around them, say 1 is yellow, 2 is purple, or any other combination.
Synesthesia is very good evidence that our perception of everything is governed by the connections within our brain. Thus all our perceptions have an element of illusion.
Posted by Sagey 5 years ago
See ya Makhdoom,
Thanks for the tip!
Yes, I'm new at this debating stuff and do need direction.
Though what we see and feel is often altered by the brain before we really see or feel it.
The brain adds an element of illusion to everything.
My eyes are badly damaged and I should see chunks of missing patches, but, my brain fills those missing bits in, as it does for the blind spot.
Things disappear in my vision that are still there, because the brain colors in the gap where the object is and I don't see it, bump into it and then see it.
So those missing bits have an illusion of not being missing, but really they are.
I notice them as red and pink flashes when I suddenly change direction or the television changes from a light to a dark scene and my eyes haven't had time to paint in the illusions.
Posted by makhdoom5 5 years ago
yeah segay.
indeed i know it gave ur debate a direction.
and may be u win.
but for me and if it would be my debate.
this would be a bit challenge for u to tackle.
there are things which are real.
u feel i feel.
we cant neglect it.
need to go.
see ya
Posted by makhdoom5 5 years ago
there is another world u are totally unaware of.
u neglect we take benefits from that.

for me it always works.
Posted by makhdoom5 5 years ago
this is not end of story,
there are many other things.
which always works in this regard.
which u always consider hallucination.,
Posted by makhdoom5 5 years ago
there are things when a person like me says.
whenever i see dream a real one which i can distinguish from hallucination always comes true.
Posted by makhdoom5 5 years ago
apply that GOD helmet on me i will tell u reality.
not on 16 years girl. who dont have any idea of any thing.

i already know and can distinguish which one is dream and what is merely hallucination.
Posted by makhdoom5 5 years ago
why there is temporal lobe and why there is dreams.
and why ur brain takes whatever course it wants.
even u give specific instruction before sleeping.
dreams have deep impact.
dreams have purpose.
not every and any thing is without purpose.
its a bond.
ur body record the reception which comes from soul.
the wondering soul.
some time when u can guide ur dreams that is not deep sleep or sleep at all that is like in between sleep and awakening.
but real dream is when u are in deep sleep.
u never ever can control that dream.
that flow on its own.
i dont think its proved scientifically why a person has dreams.
disturbance in lobe and any effect coz of that is different thing and dreams dont have any thing to do with that.
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