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Consciousness is an illusion

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Started: 6/8/2018 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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If you were to make an exact clone of yourself then would you be conscious in two different places at once? Probably not.

The ability to make decisions is what facilitates this illusion; that we are self-aware when in actuality we are restricted by our genes which is the "code" to make us act in a specific way. Being self-aware of one's own existence doesn't preclude self-learning AI from being "conscious". What is consciousness? Consciousness is "the state of being aware of and responsive to one's surroundings." If self-learning AI can for example learn how to play a game better through trial and error then what stops humans from perceiving self-learning AI as sentient? It's really difficult to say since self-learning AI operates in a very similar way to bacteria multiplying in inverse order. It's impossible to know how a single-celled organism let alone an AI perceives the world.


"Consciousness is an illusion"?

Consciousness is consciousness and illusion is illusion. Consciousness enables the physical generation of illusion and all thought processes.

Are you actually proposing that all our conscious thoughts are illusory?

I would suggest that consciousness is a basic, physiological, and functional capability and an illusion is a derived thought, based on acquired information.

Who or what has the authority to determine the accuracy and validity of thoughts?

With regard to the clone question:
A clone would be an exact physical copy of oneself.
This physicality would include all prenatally encoded information, information required to necessitate human functionality.
Sub-conscious information if you like.
Postnatal conditioning or conscious programming through perception is what would define us and our clones as separate individuals.

Sub-conscious or conscious, at what level do we become self aware?

Perception is a derived or evolved capability, which enhances consciousness. Similarly, memory and the ability to manipulate information enhances functionality.
Do single celled organisms have these capabilities?
We certainly know that bacteria can modify in response to antibiotics, suggesting a certain level of perception and an ability to manipulate, which begs the question:
Is this an individual decision or response or a collective decision or response?

I would suggest that whether or not A.I. devices are or will be able to perceive is wholly dependant on ourselves, as it is us who will facilitate such a capability. I personally believe that sentient Intelligent devices are an evolutionary inevitability.

So if you think that "consciousness is an illusion".
Then what do you think the reality of everything is?
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