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Conservatism has conserved nothing and should be replaced with fascism

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Started: 11/6/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I will argue that modern Conservatism has literally conserved nothing. If Conservatives would like to return to the pre-1950s era, then they should support the implementation of fascist policies. This method is the only way to end leftist subversion of this nation.

Before we start, let's actually define fascism as an authoritarian right-wing system. I know many Conservatives view it as inherently evil, but remember that a constitutional democracy would legally allow the Left to express its views, carry out its tactics, and brainwash the individuals.

I would like to challenge a Conservative who has already been redpilled on some issues.


While I personally may not be a conservative by definition i'm technically what would be called a center left, I do feel obligated to argue against this. I used to be a conservative so I believe that I am in a position to argue against you.

First let's get something out of the way, becoming an authoritarian state would get rid of many of the liberties that this country was founded on, such as free speech. One person with all the power would cause nothing but trouble for the us and any other country. Let's look at some modern day examples of an authoritarian state, let's just go with the most obvious, North Korea. look at it's populace. starving, scared and always acting. if 1 person were to take power, that would take power away from the people.

So If that wasn't enough to convince you let's go back to the past where there were 2 major authoritarian states. Communist Russia and Nazi Germany. both of them resulted in endless corruption and who suffered the consequences? that's right the people.

Let's stray away from the consequences of it for the people. Let's just say that we have a good authoritarian one who doesn't censor and gives money to the people no matter how unlikely that may be. That would cause a coup. This is because no ruler rules alone. The day that this happens is the death of the United States of America.
Debate Round No. 1


The purpose of this argument isn't to try to justify whether a fascist system is just or not. It is simply supporting a belief that fascism would have been much more successful than modern Conservatism nowadays, which has allowed the nation to experience radical leftist transformations after the 60s.

National Socialist Germany knew the dangers of democracy, an ideology that was favored by the Conservatives of Germany at the time. What resulted? A society of degeneracy. Berlin was considered to be the sin capital of the world. Homosexuality was rampant. Transgenderism was normalized. People gave up on Christian values. Cities were taken upon by radical Bolshevik propagandists. Conservatism was unable to do anything to stop this trend since it supported a Constitutional republic. A dictatorship, however, was able to conserve Germany's Christian ideals and rid the nation of leftist degeneracy. The same actions are occurring in the United States. It is now completely normal to identify as a Communist "antifascist. " There is no molar line. The nation has been plundered into a mess. The older generation would have been disgusted by this so-called neo-Marxist "progress." What is Conservatism going to do? A transformation like this is legally supported by the Constitution. It would take fascist laws to literally make America Great Again, and return to the old era, the period which Conservatives admire.

Again, I would have naturally preferred debating a Conservative who has been already redpilled on our society, since you will falsely claim that I am spreading conspiracy theories, unless you wanna do a debate on the points discussed in my argument.
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