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Consoles are Better than PC's for the purpose of gaming

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Started: 11/6/2013 Category: Technology
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I personally believe that PC gaming is still a better option for those who can afford it rather than gaming on next generation consoles such as the Xbox 1 or the PlayStation 4.
I would not like to include the Steam box in this debate as it is somewhat of a hybrid.

I believe this because PC's are able to be upgraded or have parts exchanged and replaced while traditional consoles, when broken, would have to be sent back to the manufacturer, taking on average 1-2 weeks to return in a working condition. That being said, the returned product would not always be new, but sometimes refurbished.
Let me now discuss the difference in graphic quality and performance. I see PC's as once again superior in this department as consoles are fixed to the performance and graphic quality as the hardware that they are manufactured with, while PCs bring the advantage of being able to upgrade and continue to improve the hardware within. Such a thing is impossible with a console.
I would also like to bring up the point that the game range for xbox 360 is approximately 952 at the time of this listing, while the PC has "Steam", a video game market, which encompasses about 3000+ different games, which is only a small fraction of all of the PC games out at this time.
The number of PC games are innumerable, and the community of gamers is even larger, which makes for a more diverse playing experience.
PC gaming also allows for more (and easier) customization of both in game play as well as the gaming hardware. In PC games, you are able to change around shaders and many different types of graphics quality, as well as the physical components of the hardware, like adding cool features like LED's or again, upgrading hardware. The same cannot be done for a console without voiding a warranty.
Thank you and I hope to hearing your argument.


While I agree with most of what you said, consoles sell well and they drive developers to make better games because of the profit. While many of of the games on steam are mere console ports and boring (imo) indie games, there are some beautiful games such as Crysis 3 and BF4 which look simply stunning if you have a good PC, but that's the thing "if you have a good pc". While the price of pc parts is at an all time low it is still a better deal to get a next gen console (specially the PS4) because of the price and end result (graphics, fps) is almost the same.

Wether you like it or not, AAA developers will cater to their piggy bank and their piggy bank is consoles.
Debate Round No. 1


You do bring up the good point that quality is directly related to price paid, but with PC parts at that all time low, you are incorrect in saying that the end product (with the same amount of money spent for each gaming hardware) would have roughly the same performance.
The listing price for a Xbox 1 is currently a few cents under $560, and can average 20 FPS at a resolution of 1600x900 resolution. I do not know if you had ever built a PC, but I can sure run games, even large ones like BF4, at full settings at 50 FPS on a computer I made for $600, and the full settings on PC are much, much higher than those provided by any console on the market.
As to your point of the game variation, most games are made for consoles, but say if consoles were to go away all together; would the games cease to be made?
I do not think that they would, not by far, they would continue to make games, but just shift the platform. These games are made exclusively for consoles due to contracts made with the console developers, so that they cannot make it for other consoles, as to keep it exclusive in many cases, which can create a desire for the certain consoles. (e.g. The Last Of Us) However, many of these games get ported over to the PC, as you said, but the PC's just can run them better.

I look forward to reading your response.


The PS4 can run BF4 at 50fps 900p at very high graphics. I have a rig myself (GTX 780, i7) but the PS4 is an overall better deal. Consoles are more accessible to the public, and that means more budget. Most AAA games would have not been made if the PS3/360 weren't launched, as much as NVIDA hypes high end PC gaming; it's still a niche. Devs will always cater to the bigger profit oriented market and it's still consoles.
Debate Round No. 2


Addressing the point of the AAA games: While the games perhaps would not have been made without the console, I see that as somewhat of a starting point for the evolution of gaming. Better performance as well as game variation is found with the PC, a more evolved gaming hardware.
While the market of today may still be in consoles, it very well may be the future of gaming to play on PC, as there are many advantages with controls, such as the keyboard, which can allow the user many more features in gameplay.
I still think the largest point in advantage in PCs would be the ability to upgrade, which consoles lack severely.
Though consoles still are the devices of the masses, there are some disadvantages in that. One, would be the player community, especially with the AAA games, like the Call of Duty series. If you have played them before, you would know exactly what I am talking about. If not, then allow me to explain. It's a mess of pre-pubescent children screaming obscenities without parental supervision and teabagging galore. On the PC community of AAA games, I have noticed no such thing, as many of the people who have built PCs with the capability to play such games are usually older and more mature, with a lower tendency to do such immature things, and tend to be, on average, much more respectful.


Both platforms have immatures players, that's why muting exists in online play.

Thanks for the debate.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Technicallyderped 5 years ago
PC's will always be ahead of consoles. The technology is constantly being upgraded. But, I understand if you were raised with consoles, and if you just want to game, and nothing else, get an XBox or a Playstation.
Personally, I'm a PC guy. I've found that PCs are easier to game with and to modify. But, that's just me. :)
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