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Consuming Animals

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Started: 6/21/2018 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Animals are sentient beings. There is no need to exploit them within this society. Therefore there is no justification because it is needless.

The American and British dietetic accosiation recognises a vegan diet healthy for all stages of life.

The bottom line is that we can sustain and thrive without consuming animals in modern society. Therefore there is no reason to kill them and use their corpse for our pleasure.


The way of Life includes killing and eating. We need meat to survive. If we do not kill common animals, their number will spiral out of control. For example, if we take away cats who kill mice, there will be more mice than ever before without a cat to control their number. However, we should not kill and eat endangered animals, such as sharks. And it may be for a good cause too. Cows burp and fart a billion litres of methane per day, and that is very harmful to our atmosphere. So killing cows might be good. Now, we can only go so far without eating meat without feeling the side effects. Meat was always part of our diet.
Debate Round No. 1


Stating that "the way of life includes killing and eating" isn"t a moral justification to needlessly kill animals and is an appeal to nature fallacy.
We do not need meat to survive, which is why the the two largest health organisations; British and American dietetics accosiation have stated that a vegan diet is healthy for ALL stages of life, including lactation and infancy. To make a claim like that you must provide evidence.
In fact the largest study ever done on the correlation between nutrition and disease, "The China Study" discovered that the optimal amount of animal products in the diet was zero. Eating meat has been proven to increase risk of many major disease that inflict humans, due to the large amounts of trans fats, cholesterol, heme iron and saturated fat found in animal products. The World Health Orginization classes red meat as a type 2 carcinogen. And a vegan diet has been the only diet proven to reverse some of these disease, vegans have the lowest risk of cancer and heart disease. The adventis study studied a population that ate a predominant whole foods, plant based diet and they were the longest living population to date and found that this population also had the lowest risk of cancer, heart disease and coronary artery diseases.
"If we do not kill common animals, their numbers will spiral out of control" well how I don"t see this point relevant to the debate, we forcibly breed these animals into existence, there is zero way that cows, chicken, pigs and sheep would be at the numbers they are now naturally. As the demand for their bodies and biproducts decreases, so will the amount raised into existence.
"Cows fart....tonnes of methane...killing cows might be good". Well, if you are worried about the atmosphere and carbon and methane emissions, animal agriculture is the leading cause. Animal agriculture is responsible for the largest majority of deforestation. And the amount of emissions cause by animal agriculture is more than transportation.

"We can only get so far without eating meat" not true, provide evidence.
"Meat has always been a part of our diet" this is irrelevant, and an appeal to history, just because something has been happening for a long time doesn"t make it ethical.

We don"t need to eat meat or animal products to survive, in fact we thrive without them.
The animal holocaust is needless.
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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by 101BlackCat 3 years ago
To be honest I really don't like eating meat so it was hard doing this debate.
Posted by Holyduck 3 years ago
"Vegans and vegetarians don"t get enough nutrients"
This is a common misconception, every single essential nutrient is found in plants and infants rates for defficencys are higher in meat eaters.

"It"s not wrong to eat meat it"s called cannibalism"
Well, first off, cannibalism is eating another human, you have your words confused.
Yes there may have been a time when eating meat was absolutely necessary but that time has well passed and the need to kill animals for food in our modern society is no more.
Personal choice isn"t a justification for an immoral action, whilst yes everyone has a choice that doesn"t make the action moral, "I beat my dog, and that"s my choice"
"Eating meat isn"t wrong"
Killing an animal NEEDLESSLY is wrong, if it was necessary it would be justified. There is no immoral practise in eating an animal that had died naturally, but that isn"t what happens, animals are killed for meat when we could just eat something else.
Posted by AJ101 3 years ago
Vegetarians and Vegans in some situations need to take pills and pure vitamins to make up for the lack of nutrients they are consuming. Is that normal?
Posted by Mikala0jade 3 years ago
First off I don"t eat meat , but it"s not wrong to eat meat , it"s called canbalizm , and it was taught threw a way when people were weak and or animals , need the extra proteins and new that meat could , help and so them eating meat they realize that they ate this they need less of the fruits and veggies and less work so it became a naturally thing , so there for it"s not wrong because people. Make that choice , I don"t eat it because I personally don"t crave it and don"t like they way the amnis are treated and killed so to me I just don"t go around meat
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