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Convert me to your religion

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Started: 8/5/2014 Category: Religion
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You have four rounds to convince me your religion is correct. This isn't a debate. It's mainly question. Any religion may join. If you convert me you win. If you don't I win. First round is for acceptance and telling me your religion.


I introduce you to finest religion of all: Realigion. It's a mix between heart, brain; philosophy, psychology, ontology and science.

In order to accept this religion, you must accept the Universe. Are you willing to accept the Universe? If not, then at least consider this - there is no "human being"; all things "human", is really the subatomic particles existing through everything "us" to create the animation which we experience.

Let me know if you need help.
Debate Round No. 1


First round of questions:

1. If the subatomic is for helping us live and enjoy life, then if we didn't exist, would they cease to exist?

Go on. I want to see where this is going.


Existence is a state; it's not static. It's the "result of being", not being. We are not "being", they are "benign", in a cosmic tapestry which is unfinished by design - all things that are now, once were, will one day be. The Universe is actually very simple at heart, but truly complex with all the shapes and forms it recreated itself in, as to experienced itself through many different animations from plant, fungi, bacteria, animal and Man. We are naive, not alive.

In order to accept this religion, one must think about all which they have yet to, instead of thinking all which they already have.
Debate Round No. 2


1. How did the world begin?

2. Does the religion believe in Jesus? Why or why not?

3. Does the religion believe in god? Why or why not?

4. How long was the world here for?

5. Bible. True or just a book?

6. Do you believe in Mohammed

7. Evolution. Happened or false?

8. Big bang. Happened or hot air?

More questions are coming up next round.


1. The world begun through what I want to call the "Cosmic Turtle". It's basically changing a few things over from the inaccurate term "Big Bang". My religion is like Science, so it can be shaped if needed as errors are a human trait. The theory I have is that life came in this order: matter, amoeba, water, fungi, plant into oxygen, fish, animal and Man.

2. No, this religion believes yourself and your relationship with the Universe.

3. It's not "god" here; it's "Universe". It is not a being - it's becoming.

4. Approximately 13,000,000,000 years - still young even now.

5. Allegory - very wise allegory.

6. I do not believe in anything. Belief is not in this religion - acceptance is. The word itself has "lie" in the middle.

7. Evolution is a theory that is missing a lot of keys and points that my religion covers to an absurd level. Feel free to ask anything about this Universe, as I know all there should be known about it. Yes, I am human; yes I do not know anything. What I do understand enough, though, is that I have access to a brain - this brain is connected to the Universe. Everything the human behavior is, happens to be based on the Universe's behavior - one on a macro level; the other on a micro level.

8. Again, it's a theory that is missing a lot of keys and points. Also, the name is misleading. "Cosmic Turtle" is a better term.

Some things to think about: This religion is designed and refined for the Universe only. It eliminates your desire and your ego, but keeps the importance of your experiences, emotions and feelings on a transient level. A relationship between heart and brain - knowing when to use your heart; knowing when to use your brain.

The human body's biological system exists on the same frequency as this planet we live on.

Bees behave like electrons - electrons can demonstrate many things about human behavior, like when they become irritated they become wild and noisy.

That's one for the human body, the planet and the subatomic particles. Here's one for the Universe: the planets of our solar system may appear to be suspended in space, just orbiting the sun without any magnificent show going on, but a person with a keen eye can tell that the planets are indeed scattered in the same way as a ripple effect, as in everything is close near the center, but as it expands, it starts to creates this effect: ) ) ) ) ) ) )
Debate Round No. 3


Make one final case for your religion.


Realigion is a practice that aims to understand how to accept our darkness and our consciousness via creating a juxtaposition between holism and nihilism.

This practice can answer the question "Who am I?", in two ways; 1) If you are self-reflecting, you say to yourself: "If you say you know me, then you don't know me; if you think you know me, then you probably know me". 2) If you are answering someone else, you say: "I Am Everything (The Unfinished Design); I Am Nothing (Being The Unfinished Design)".

It's the heart of understanding how to break down what appears real, by living in a way of only irony and relativity; by not wanting to be anything more than what "you are", with no need of "knowing" what that is; it's to remind yourself of your childhood enthusiasm and curiosity that burns brighter than your current future.

It allows you to express your anger and your passion according to the circumstances - like passion, you cannot lose control over your anger or you fail to express it for what it truly is, not what you make of it through chemical imbalance. It will give us the ability to no longer live as sheltered cosmic vessels that are waiting to combust after absorbing so much flammable information that we never had the patience or the time to consult with.

This indeed will allow us to stop demonizing people for their erroneous actions and instead better understand why they have done what they did, while still knowing they have consequences that will follow their actions. This is a way of not fearing, but enduring the hardships of other people's behavior patterns. There's no reason for Realigion to treat people lesser because what they do makes us feel lesser - there's room for consequence and contemplation all around in Realism.

Realigion has four stages: Animosity > Humanity > Insanity > Self-Humility. You must travel from one end of the sound-wave spectrum: anger (red (survival), yellow (taking a stand), orange (taking control), green (love), light blue (communication), dark blue (intuition) and purple (forming a bond between yourself and the Universe) to the other end: ascension.

Realigion breaks down everything from the human psyche, to the Universe's purpose. It deals with ideas that are beyond modern day philosophy, science and psychology - this is to say that Realigion will beat all other religions in human history, as it actually answers our questions, rather than allowing us to form our own answers, by holding the key which understands the secret of understanding the Universe's mysteries through cross-referential paradigms and an active ability to cosmically reverse-engineer the entire Universe whether it be on a sub-micro, micro, macro or uni-macro level:

1) When a crowd of people break apart, they break away likened to gas molecules (evidence that we are subatomic particles animated on a level that we distinguish as "human").

2) The bees behave in a way likened to electrons. The bees change their buzzing sound when they are angry, in the same way electrons represent their own irritation. The bees scatter in a frenzy as well, which is what electrons do. Therefore electrons and bees are perhaps the most basic of ways of elaborating the genius of Realigion.

3) Clouds and ideas are connected via a macro and uni-macro level throughout the self-similarity design I mentioned earlier. Hence clouds and ideas both can become clear, dark, rainy or stormy. Both are electrically modified. Both are in the "sky", or the "head".

4) Realigion suspects that the brain is connected to the Universe, while the heart is connected to the planet, which is why the brain picks up information; the heart picks up emotion. There is scientific proof that the heart is the leading instrument of life in the human body whether it involves how strong the muscle is, or that the electromagnetic waves it receives and produces are on a level that surpasses the brain.

5) Realigion can go deeper than any religion on this planet today, as it can cosmically explain sex (the male genitalia is the star which explodes; the female genitalia is the black hole which takes in the stars explosion; I also can explain this further by taking it down a notch, unto planet level: the volcano explodes, its substances it releases are drawn towards the soil, which happens to be again a relationship between seeds, explosions and creations.)

6) Realigion, itself, is satire towards every other religion, while containing precious minerals of truth beyond any person alive today.

7) It can go even deeper than cosmic sex. Realigion suspects that the human eyes are in fact black holes, as there is evidence that can demonstrate it: 1) The black hole emits lights that are so powerful that it creates X-Rays - popular to contrary belief, the human eye has X-Ray vision, however it's not accessible to us, as such things can cause cell mutation. 2) The inner eye, when seen with a microscope, contains a design that is likened to a nebula. 3) The human eye emits lights (Realigion suspects these lights to be the X-Rays, but they are so tiny that they cannot harm us, just like computer lights and microwaves cannot mutate our cells), which are not visible to the human eye unless under certain conditions. 4) The human eye is shaped like <>, this is a parabolic shape - the galaxies are birthed into a parabolic shape (there are pictures of actual galaxies that look exactly like the human eye) - then their dimension is twisted and pressured into a disk. 5) The human eye observes everything - the photo receptors were born before stars. What could possibly exist before stars, but no other than a galaxy? What creates a galaxy? A black hole. What contrasts a black hole? A white hole. What does a white hole and a black hole do? They drawn inwards and draw outwards matter. Therefore the human eye is indeed a tiny black hole on a macro level that is designed and influenced by the black hole on a uni-macro level.

8) Our brain neurons are "human stars"; they are designed and managed by the Universe in the same way stars are on a uni-macro level. We do not physically explode like stars; we implode metaphysically - this is to say that the human body is experiencing within an experience that experiences the experiencing Universe. The energy, forces and chemicals is our "life" - the physical body is a ways of "reacting" and "processing" that life on a physical level, via the metaphysical layer.

I have much more to write, but I feel that I have given you a great summary of Realigion and how it will become the next big thing when I start taking this out into the public world.
Debate Round No. 4


I think you should go public with this, but I'm not convinced. This is a unique religion, and I feel privileged to have witnessed it's birth. Thank you for your time!


You say you're not convinced, but my religion is the only religion you wanted to be taken to the streets and compliment it for how unique it is. I'd say you're convinced, but do not want to accept it.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by WileyC1949 7 years ago
Sorry but your question reminds me of the childish "I dare you to.....". Basically all you have done is say that you are closed-minded to any and all explanations. It is impossible to convince anyone who is pigheaded.
Posted by Seido 7 years ago
What religion do you currently subscribe to?
Posted by SocialistAtheistNutjob 7 years ago
You could just say "I'm not convinced" and win the debate no matter what the other person threw at you.
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