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Corporal Punishment Is Wrong

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Started: 12/29/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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Note: This is actually my 2nd attempt at this debate, as my first debate had that glitch when my opponent forfeited on Round 3.

In this debate, I will be arguing that corporate punishment in schools, homes, or other places is a wrong way to teach your child a lesson.

Definition, according to


physical punishment, as spanking, inflicted on a child by an adult or authority.

I will be targeting home and school corporal punishment.

Round 1: Acceptance ONLY
Round 2: Arguments ONLY
Round 3: Rebuttals to Round 2
Round 4: Rebuttals to Round 3 and Conclusion

Let's keep this professional.


I accept your challenge.

I will prove that corporal punishment is the correct maneuver when it comes to disciplining children. I will also prove that other forms of punishment are defective and that corporal punishment is the best option when it comes to mounding a child for the future.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Perspectivist 3 years ago
Typo in my acceptance.
Mounding is actually supposed to be moulding
Posted by RichardCarter 3 years ago
Leaning, I did not mean to put in Learning, please... ignore that.
Posted by RichardCarter 3 years ago

Well, it's good to know I'm doing my part right. Debates usually don't change anything, but, it's fun.


Using yourself as an argument is not a good idea, I need to say. Because... there is no official proof. Saying it worked for me doesn't fully refute that corporal punishment is right. You are one of many who has been spanked and hit as a child, and the stories vary from person to person. If I said: I had the fortune to fly. It was very fun. People wouldn't think of it because there is no evidence, or sufficient sources, making it pointless. Sorry, I read your comment and I had to say it.
Posted by Perussi 3 years ago
What if your child says no? Your child creates a fact, they will not do what you want them to. Spanking shows your child, well, I don't like that and you'll do it anyways, I'm in charge, you WILL listen. Play your cards right and give them lots of love and you won't have a problem. It worked for me.
Posted by Leaning 3 years ago
Looking at your other post, I think you have excellent evidence and research behind your argument.

Corporal Punishment was common enough in my house growing up, but not even close to the point where I would call it abuse. So I am a bit pre inclined toward seeing it as a normal and not necessarily wrong action in society.

If I ever had any children I would not want to use it myself since I didn't like it growing up and would want them to understand more than obey until they're older and free of my physical influence.

So I don't really think it's wrong, but I have a hard time finding arguments for that.
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