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Could a terrorist organization theoretically "seize" the white house?

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Started: 3/15/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Debating Period
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I believe that with the incredible arsenal of today's current weaponry available at the ready, and even more advanced strategic tactics used by many of the biggest terror groups today, that in fact if one organization were to try, they would in fact "take over" the white house.
a) (quoting ISIS/IL) with an ever growing presence in today's war scene, the increase of weaponry stock at the hands of (ISIS/IL) increases the chances of complete " capture " of the white house. A full frontal assault toward major entrances. Distraction incidents (explosives) around the premises will deter secret service agents. An insider to infiltrate security details. A computer hacking team to breach white house firewalls and disable key defense tactics:
ground-to-air missiles to destroy incoming air vehicles.


Ya, if ISIS managed to get all of its stuff into American, then yes, they could take over the white house but the problem is, getting to DC. DC is the most protected cities in the United States and has an incredibly advanced surveillance system to detect any odd activites and the DC police force along with the secret service are trained to look for anything odd. So if ISIS were to gain any sizeable force, they would without a doubt be found and crushed especially if they had high explosives or missiles.

Even if they were to attack, the Secret Service is highly trained and very well armed. the white house itself has very imposing physical barriers, the Whitehouse is defended by a missile defence system, and whatever secret defence measures they also have. There is also very unlikely to be an insider as Secret Service agents are very thoroughly screened and have to go through screenings every month.

This is not even mentioning how they would even get to the United States. Every ISIS attack in the United States was by lone wolves inspired by them and since ISIS is losing and being defeated, there is no way they could get all the equipment into the united states. Then there is also the fact that the US checks for this type of stuff, there's no way ISIS could somehow smuggle all this stuff into the US.
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